In the coming week, this will NOT be a place of reflecting on the past year.  In fact, it’s likely I’ll never recap any period of time, for posterity nor any other reasons.

             What I will do is work on making our present of value.  And possibly chatting about Life Lessons, when they specifically involve future options and opportunities.  But no, I’ll not be glancing over my shoulder to review the behind-me scene.

             Partly this is due to just that, it’s behind us.  In the past.  Yes, we can most certainly learn from it all, however, what often ends up happening instead is that we just feel guilty.  We feel as though we have failed.  We feel like we came up short.

             And that type of garbage emotional abuse I won’t be a part of.  Here’s what we’re going to do in place of that trash.  We’re focusing on

Making Room . . . . .

             for our Now selves, and for our Tomorrow selves.

             We are so much more than what we have already done.  We have so many more choices and selections still to be made.  There are adventures to be had, and quiet calm moments yet to cherish.

             When we let go of what has already been, we open up space for what is yet to arrive.  The more we release that which no longer serves, the better we are able to accept what is still awaiting us around the next bend.

             It is the time of year to treasure our loved ones, to reflect on the returning light, and to allow our approaching gifts their space to arrive.  When we give ourselves this freedom, there is no failure, there is no loss.

             We are simply appreciating the Now.  Sitting and Being.  Acknowledging our completeness while giving ourselves permission to accept the Joy of whatever is next.

winter beauty

             Here is an inspirational view, of things I love:

waterfalls, winter weather, bridges, trees, and hope for our future.