If you’ve been here long enough, you know that my family doesn’t celebrate Christmas.  At least, not in the sense that we gather in adoration of a virgin birth.

             While most of us do think J.C. was a real guy, and Mary stands in place of the Universal Mother goddess, we also know that Jesus isn’t truly the reason for this season.  Winter Solstice is.

             All original peoples across all continents had solar holy days.  They all recognized longest night (and six months later/before, longest day).  They honored the returning of the sun, and they grieved the passing of the sun.

             What we, culturally, now consider as this holiday, is far removed from any of its history, religious or otherwise.  What we have now is different.  And in many ways, not better.

             But, similar to the issues and horrible background of American Thanksgiving, there is still a tiny morsel of goodness.  A small slice of gratitude which we can recognize and build upon.  Which we can go forward with into our individual futures.

             Since I am no longer in a retail setting, I’ve even come back to appreciating some of the carols.  And that’s where our message came from.

             Thinking on what is positive around now (in addition to the delightful, extreme, and interesting weather), I found myself humming about

Comfort and Joy

             Amongst the lessons some of us are here to work on, is finding comfort.  Finding a way to be at ease.  Clothing, food, jobs, home, transportation, relationships, any or all of these can be confining, too restrictive, not at all comfortable.

             We can take from this season the idea of contentment, instead of a driving need for more, for better.  We can find the Joy, and retain it.  We can share our pleasure, our abundance.

             No matter whether we festively gather with others, or quietly enjoy our own company, the peaceful strength of this time of year is to commemorate, not to be stranded and struggling in stress.  Because THIS moment, THIS exact position on the calendar and in the universe, is singular, it will not happen again.

             It is our privilege to be with it, to cherish it, to appreciate it, comfortably and joyously.  It’s the least we can do, for ourselves, and for those we care about.

             And if we should feel like draping it all in a soft wrap of spirituality, and that’s beneficial, then go for it.  But, ya know, always there’s a choice.

             It is recommended right now that we Choose Joy, and Choose Comfort.

ease in winter