Several times throughout this journey I’ve had “epiphany” moments, times where I felt that I was directly connected.  Like, plugged in, with an energy surge.

             This message today came from that type of place, from that level of enormous power.  Not mine, it is never me.  The connection arrives with a strength which changes the way I am breathing, bringing ripples to my skin, and causing me to sharpen my awareness.

             (All of the channeled information here does come from Source/from the Universe/from whatever you prefer to call the consciousness which is beyond us, but on a rare occasion, I can actually FEEL it physically.)

Close Contact

             Below I’m sharing a photo I recently came across, it’s another part of what we need to remember with this one.  We are as close or as far as we desire.  It is up to us to keep our memories alive, but it is also up to us to let go of what no longer serves.

             When we have released that which is holding us back, we are then truly able to understand our complete interconnectedness.  For me, my own hanging on is very much wrapped up in grief.

             I cling to the past, the ones who have gone before us, the ideals of yesterday, the way things USED to be.  It can be harsh, to live this way, and it is certainly unhealthy.  A better solution would be to allow those emotions to flow through me, and then out.  Letting go of the pain, but staying in close contact with the Joy.

                 Clearly I don’t have all the answers.  What I do have is a link to something much greater than myself, something so strong that it can reach out and take my breathe away.  That reminder, that “touch” of grace, is a gift.  I never take it for granted, am grateful for it every living second.

             It is my pleasure and privilege to share.  I just hope that we all are in a better position, when the time is perfect and right for each of us, to release while still staying close.

universal connections