Within the family recently we’ve been conversing about technology vs old fashioned pre-computer options.  Some of us jump on every new app available, while others (me!) are not quite relegated to the Luddite category (hello? I’m typing this on a laptop and uploading it to the fucking interwebz!), but are definitely no where near proficient.

              The important point is, whether we’re talking modern conveniences or spirituality, doesn’t matter what stage of advancement or education we are in.  Our pace is our pace.

             Going further, as we view our journey (incorporating ALL levels of advancement) through the lenses of Life/Death, Beginning/Ending, all of our choices come down to:

Old ~ New

             How much do we need to hang on to? (All of it?)   How much can we release?  (Clearly I am still struggling to let go of any-damn-thing.)  And yet.

             And yet.  Our lessons are about making space for the Next Best Thing, the careful selection around which choice is for our highest and best good.

              Clearly it’s über complicated for many of us.  Not nearly as simple as “de-cluttering” – I’m finding that when I listen to these ideas, holding them close and quiet, some are already preparing to slip away.  Some parts of the Old, are right now leaving and making space for the New.

             What I might finally be understanding about it all is, our changes are to be welcomed.  Our difficulties are to embraced, and then, when the time is right, transformed into gifts of learning.  As we allow the pain to recede, we actually ARE able to welcome in the joy.

             As in the basic zen belief, when we allow ourselves to feel all of the emotions (and in a sense, accept New honor Old), while not attaching any weight nor measure to any of them, we are better able to absorb and flow with them in an equal and effortless way.

             Neither is better, both are of value.  Both have worth.  And we have attained balance.

             Here’s what I’ve been listening to this week.  It feels comfortable, even though it’s not a type of music I have much experience with.