The wonderful and exquisitely complicated patterns of our lives will never stop enchanting me.  It’s entirely true, the statement about how, never in our wildest dreams could we imagine the purpose nor the outcome of this adventure.

             In the past few weeks I’ve witnessed a series of events which were choreographed on the highest level, arranged and ordered to a fine degree.  One situation’s outcome determined another, and then . . . something else had to happen in order for the next element to drop in to place.  All of this so the end result could finish in a seemingly random but spectacular way.

             Christians refer to this as “god never gives us more than we can handle” while others says, everything IS in divine order.  No matter how we phrase it, the truth is, there’s reason and order in a chaotic world.

             The vastness of this universe is beyond our tiny human comprehension, but when we see, when we are privileged enough to witness its glory, we need only be grateful.  And

be assured

             One of my mom’s favorite things to say, but rarely do, is to remind us all not to worry.  Instead, she recommends we pray.  (Or, your spiritual equivalent, she is all inclusive, you do you, she has not problem with that.)

              Her reasoning has merit, when we put something in place of the fear, we are practicing mindfulness.  That way we are better able to visualize how the dots are all being connected, how the Grand Design is efficiently and wondrously playing out.

             We drew up the blueprint, all of us.  So, when we continue to work with our Team, we can see that yes, we are on the correct path.  And if it feels as though we aren’t?  Change it!

             Believe this though, whichever road we travel, we do it with support, and there IS a plan.

             In returning to these phenomenal cards, we’re being validated.  This particular representation and lore was a favorite of my maternal grandmother.  I can’t help but feel, she brought her to us, right now, on purpose.

divine order and divine protection

“Our Lady Of Guadalupe

The Empress Of Protection

‘I am safe and divinely protected

I am held in love at all time.’

Our Lady of Guadalupe is the emblazoned emblem of the uniquely powerful protection of a mother’s love.  

What is outside of us is also within us.  Even if we have never experienced a mother’s love, the true force of that loving protection exists within us.  We are able to give it to ourselves.

The energy of a mother’s love can travel to meet you anywhere – whether within the world or within your own heart. The message is that she is here.  You are mothered.  But the  message is also to ask for what you need.

We are ennobled with free will.  The divine needs our request for assistance in order to enter to our lives.  All we have to do is  assume the simplicity, the heart, and the humility of a child, and to ask for a sign that she is here.

We will be met with more love than we could ever imagine.   And love is always the greatest and most powerful energy of protection.

Soul-Voice Meditation:

Do I experience the love of a divine mother within me?


I am safe and divinely protected.

I am held in love at all times.”

Today’s Deck:

The Divine Feminine Oracle by Meggan Watterson and Lisbeth Cheever Gessaman

             Remember to watch for patterns, to be aware of miracles.  Remain safe.  Help where you can.  When you can’t?  Take care of yourself.



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