Many people are animal lovers.  I’m more of a tree hugger.  I adore all types.  Clearly I have favorites, we all do.  But for the most part, if it’s under the arboreal classification, I’m all in.

             On my drive to work the other day I saw a large deciduous example, growing with power.  She had shaded us in summer, and was now beginning to release her leaves as temperatures here are dropping.

             What stood out that afternoon was the enormous scar this beauty was displaying.  Almost as if she was saying, “look, I survived this, and it didn’t bring me down.”

             Then, I heard our message:

still standing.

             We are here to learn.  And in our lessons, often we will feel like we aren’t gaining.  We are suffering, we fall.  In reality, we gain knowledge.  We build strength, and we succeed.

             We continue standing.  We grow, and flourish.  We proudly show how our wounds have healed, are being healed.  And how they do not define us.

             What she was telling us is so important.  We are a great deal stronger than we realize.

tree survival
This is not her, this is an image I found on-line. If you are local and would like to see her, she’s on the right side of 6th, somewhere between Oak and Lincoln.

             We can go into the next week with this kind of power.  Because, we have earned it, and because we are survivors.







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