Any time I’m in a car, sitting* quietly, not driving nor moving, and it’s rainy, I have pioneer wagon-train flashbacks.  This past week our family went west.  It was glorious, and not at all like the original journey.

*Turns out, I do this maybe more than most people.  Huh.

car view

             The Oregon Coast is known for its EXTREME beauty.  I have never been disappointed, no matter the weather.  There was a gale warning in effect during our stay.  This pleased me.  On top of everything else already good, we also had extra wind.

             Several times I had someone drive me to the shore.  Where I sat, still and silent, but for the sound of nature.  I watched endless power and exquisite glory, that which is the pounding surf.

oregon coast sunset

             We had no set plans, we had no destinations.  Merely “being” was our goal.  This is the first time we’ve ever done an extended-stay sort of trip.  Everyone arriving when they could, as schedules permitted, a rented house at our disposal.  My gratitude is immeasurable.

cozy corner

             Here is where I ended each night, on a landing/between floors.  Listening to the sounds of my loved ones, and my beloved Pacific.  More than once, this is what I heard:

in the moment.

             The entire time, it was evident that what our focus needed to be was living (and appreciating) this gift.  And as I returned home, unpacked (finding sandy reminders), I kept being made aware of the importance in doing things like this.

             Similar to when we talked about buying the boots, time spent in doing what we enjoy is never wasted, is never regretted, is never anything but what we are here to learn.  All students gain knowledge so much better when the lessons are positive.

             To find joy in such simple pleasures is to see value in our lives.  Yes, there is certainly still shit going on, and yes, we are unquestionably still needed to do our part.  That doesn’t mean we can’t take a break, we can’t recharge, we can’t build our power.

             The Universe has a brilliant way of leading us to precisely what we need.  It’s our job to appreciate it.

oregon coast lighthouses

             Bonus.  My son and I accidentally ended up touring a lighthouse.  Just when I thought it all couldn’t get any better …..  it did.

oregon coast lighthouses




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  1. Being present, in the moment, isn’t as easy as it should be. The bit of effort required is well worth it. It is no accident that it is easiest to do in nature.

    I’m glad your clan made the trip. It sounds amazing.

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