As I’ve been embracing this “change is fine” attitude lately (or, ya know, making a grand attempt), I have also been wondering what ELSE will be turning itself around.  I mean, jeez, what’s next, I’m getting up in the actual morning?

             Not likely, but who can say?  Would I have imagined that I tolerated autumn so well and looked forward to Sundays?  Nope, not things I saw coming.  So, that’s where my mind has been, as we grow closer to October leaving, and pre-winter moving in.

             Here is a piece I came across (in one of my almanacs), and felt the need to share:

“This season is rich with its wisdom.  We can take the time to honor our traditions, acknowledge our ancestors.  We can finally put to rest all that which keeps us small and scared.  We can allow the stillness within to seek our next true direction.  Releasing all our preconceptions and expectation of what should be, what do we truly wish to bring forth in the next cycle?”

             The Universe would like us to feel immersed in the here and now; it suits us best when we remember that hanging on too tightly is simply another way of suffocating.

             Here’s what I keep hearing, here’s where we can aim our focus:

set loose

             These Letting Go lessons, with their implied freedom, can be so difficult.  Especially for those of us who are much better at holding on.  But to release our grip, to allow a loosening of the bonds and constrictions, is to grant life, to offer space, to open up and let in the new opportunities.

             When we consent to growth and expansion, while honouring where we’ve been, we are better suited to living here, in this moment.  Because this moment, this place and time, is a gift.  If we don’t stop and acknowledge it, we miss out, on this one, and the next one, and potentially the one after that.

Today’s Gratitude:

is for my parents.  We went for a visit this evening.  And it was lovely.  We shared some family pictures, as well as a few images they might never see, what with their complete lack of internet access and experience.

             Here is one of their favorites.

letting go

             If you happen to know who I can credit this view, I’d be more than happy to.  For now, I’m thanking this anonymous photographer, for bringing joy to our day.