I’ve been so conscious lately of how we can stay well, healthy (on all levels), and not get pulled down to the depths of current idiocy.  I’m sharing what I’ve been directed to, for us to focus on:

 Every generation or so, modern society is rocked by upheavals, whether by assassinations, war, political turmoil, or powerful economic and environmental challenges. In uncertain times the political climate can worsen these fears.

             This came from Jack Kornfield, here.  He is a resource I turn to often because of his calm nature.  (Also, I love the sound of his voice, it’s so soothing.)  I’ve heard this sentiment in several places.  It makes sense, and it is helpful.

             The reason we need to understand the cycles of our planet is so that we don’t panic and carry fear/negativity/ugliness into our day-to-day.  And so that we don’t give too much credit nor importance to those ignorant individuals who are falsely believed to be “in charge” of anything.  They are not, it’s an illusion.

             On a more practical plane, what we can keep in our hearts, in order to uplift us on those “bad” news days, is that every bit of what’s happening is a process.  None of it will stay the same, all of it has the potential to evolve.  Just as we do.

             The Universe wants us to remember that


             is the direction we all go.  It is the motion of improvement.  It is the action of leaving garbage behind us.  It is the walking away from what no longer serves and those who do not have our best interests at heart.

             Here’s the rest of our message, in the form of this most validating guide.


“Mira Bai

The Saint Of True Freedom

‘Love is what sets me free.

I am married to my own soul.’

Who She Is:

Mira Bai embodies a love which lets us do what is right for our own lives no matter what others might think.  Mira Bai, or Meera, is a bhakti poet and mystic from Rajasthan, India.  She was born in the late 15th century and unwillingly married off to a crown prince of Mewar.  She always considered Krishna her true husband.

Legends say that her husband’s family tried to kill her several times for defying the social customs and expectations of a wife.  But in each of the stories her love for Krishna would miraculously save her.

When Your Soul Selects Her Card:

Often, without even realizing it, we make choices based on external expectations, on how we think other people will perceive our actions.  Mira Bai is about doing what’s right for ourselves, and no one else.

Ultimately only we can know what needs to be done or said.  She is about standing up for what we know is right for us even if others will judge us for it.

Love isn’t bound by the law of any idea of what’s socially acceptable.  Love is what what sets us free from the expectations which bind us.  Love, in whatever way it finds us, ask us to stay loyal to our own soul.

Soul-Voice Meditation:

What holds me back from expressing my truth?


Love is what sets me free.

I am married to my own soul.”

Today’s Deck:

Divine Feminine Oracle by Meggan Watterson and Lisbeth Cheever-Gessaman

Today’s Gratitude:

is for our public library system.  I’ve gone on and on here over the years about how wonderful my own local branch is (award-winning!).  But I’ve been away from it lately, due to …. life.  We went tonight, and it was such a joy.  Simply an enormous pleasure, in a challenging world.




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