While it is true that for quite some time now I’ve preached the gospel of Self-Care, it is equally true that from time to time I’ve continued to lapse into a state of judgey-ness.  (I’m not happy about this, so it needs to be addressed.)

             We all know of its importance, of the value in caring for ourselves.  But are we all doing what we can?  And are we all noticing, in ourselves, when the need is most crucial?

             Because, in the past month, if these events haven’t called for us to take care of ourselves and those closest to us, I don’t know what the fuck will.  We are all feeling at our very worst.  My hope is that we are also all being our kindest.

             Here is what the Universe would like us to focus on, it’s what I’ve been hearing for days, what needs to be shared:

true appreciation.

             Are we expressing gratitude for breathing deeply of clean fresh air?  Are we saying thank you to our bodies for carrying us through this shit-storm?  Are we showing appreciation, true and authentic appreciation to our loved ones who help bolster us up when we hit our lowest?

              The way of peace is through our own attitude.  Yes, as we discussed last week, we must be aware and informed.  Yes, we must make a difference and change what is (so tragically) not working.

             What is also a fact is that we must heal from within, we must honour our spirit and be good to ourselves.

             When I went back to work full-time, and there were stretches of 11 or 13 days when I had to show up and just punch in, I became aware of how phenomenally important days off were to me.  I needed them in a new and profound way.

             With the schedule I have now (four full days of work and two baby days), my one Me Time Tuesday has become even more valuable.  So, when I’m sick, and all I do is sleep through it . . . . .  well, it can seem like I’ve wasted the entire 24 hour period.

             Not true, says my adjusted attitude, says my Choose Joy perception adjustment.  What I did with that day was take care of myself.  My physical body (apparently) required an enormous amount of bed rest.

             I refuse to feel guilty, bad, or negative.  It is toxic.  And I no longer want to be poisoned.  No card has called out to me, no deck has directed me to draw.  What I have been lead to is this.  An image which is soul-soothing.  An image of serenity, even as we know it has taken enormous strength.


             I hope you are able to weather this time and place.  I hope most of all, that you are well.  And if you need help, you are able to find it.