During this past week of pain and ignorance, I have made a deliberate effort to find happiness.  I have chosen joy.  I have actively sought out enlightenment.

             I believe in doing all that we can, politically, communally, globally.  But I also have come to understand the value and importance of Self-Care; I now know my own limits.

             While it is INCREDIBLY important to be aware and knowledgeable, it is hugely unhealthy for us to stay in that state of fury for prolonged periods of time.  We are fragile and we are breakable.

             Here is what I’ve been hearing:

emotional freedom.

             As flawed beings, we continue to strive for improvement.  We go around trying to “get better” or fix what is wrong with us.  What we often forget, in our day-to-day survival mode is that spiritually, we’re already perfect.

             Where we need to put our focus is not on the body, but on the mind.  Where the Universe would like us to aim or energy is within.

             When we seek out places which feed our soul, we are following our instincts.  Whether this is a location we once connected to from another life, or whether it is merely the closest park we can get to on a work break, going in search of (and visiting) a sacred space will bring more pleasure, for a longer time, than we realize.

             Surrounding ourselves with things we find beautiful or soothing, subconsciously this tells our body to relax.  These balms to our psyche are the gifts our entire being can enjoy.

             Whether we just sit and read, text-connect with a loved one, or go out for an energizing hike, it doesn’t matter.  What is of significance is that we’re DOING it, we are actively making ourselves feel better.

             When our mind is at ease, when peace is filling our senses, we are stronger.  We are being fueled for the coming events.  We can’t function if we don’t have power.

             Take a moment, right now, to stop and breathe.  Take a moment, sometime today, to look at a calming image.  Take a moment, this week to give yourself a gift, a gift of time and place and serenity.  We deserve it.  We actually can’t live (well )without it.

             Here is a the draw I was guided to, a validation and an affirmation.


“Accepting What Is

‘I accept and embrace my inner majesty.’

Card Meaning:

Accept your life in all its configurations.  Know that every moment, situation, and event has profound value . . . even if it doesn’t seem like it.

Accept your inner majesty.  Be present.  You are magnificent and wondrous beyond measure.  Embrace all parts of yourself.

The Universe Wants You To Know:

it is an act of both power and faith to love, honor, and accept what is.  At times it can be challenging to truly accept what’s occurring in your life.

When you do so, however, you affirm that there’s a plan for your life and that everything is working for your highest and best good.

Accepting ‘what is’ does not mean that you can’t work to change it, because you can.  It very much does mean there is gentle, yet profound, awareness that every experience can support your highest good and spiritual evolution.

If there is something  you just can’t accept, start by gently acknowledging the fact that you can’t accept it.  As you increase your own acceptance in life, this will help others be at peace in their own lives.

Questions To Ask Yourself:

Is there anything I am not accepting in my life?  How can I embrace myself and my life even more?  Where will my life’s journey take me, if I truly honor every aspect of ‘what is’?


I accept and embrace my inner majesty.”

Today’s Deck:

Gateway Oracle Cards by Denise Linn

Today’s Sharing:

is a view from my own place of Grace.

newport oregon
sunsetting on Nye Beach, Oregon Coast

             A special and tremendous thank you to those who made it possible.

             I require support.  And I am beyond fortunate to have so much.




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