Our focus has most certainly been on messages of Acceptance lately.  Which moves smoothly in to Release and Letting Go.

             (And by “smoothly” I obviously mean: dragged kicking and screaming.)

             Here’s the thing about Life Lessons, they are so rarely clear, so rarely apparent to see or understand.   It’s our job to filter out the background garbage and unearth the learning opportunity.

             This can be so challenging.  And yet, once we do find it, once we do catch it in our sights….. it’s FABULOUS!  We simply need to use our tools, and make the discovery.  It’s not complicated, but it’s also not always easy.

             Here’s what I’m hearing,

Amongst the Chaos, there is Tranquility.

             We have the power to find it.  We have the strength to locate it, and hold it close.  It is our healing, our respite.  It is the balm our frazzled soul requires.

             The Universe is telling us to utilize our Quiet Moments, to MAKE the time to replenish our emptiness.  (Remember, if you can’t get out of town or even be alone, step away for just a few deep breaths.  We can all do at least that much.)

             What I noticed when we took off for the falls last week was that the recharge I received kept me going.  I could truly draw on that time, that energy, when I was feeling run-down or worn-out.  (And we were really only gone for the afternoon!)

             As I sat down to make notes on this post, I was drawn to a different set of cards (even though I had thought we’d continue with more of The Divine Feminine Oracle).  Here is our validation, here is where we can gather what we need for finding our peace.

peace and compassion

“Chrysoprase  ~

compassion, love, fertility, truth uplifting

Chrysoprase helps open the heart centre and allows you to feel the presence of divine unconditional love.

You are entering into a fertile period which will enable you to creatively express your true nature in a loving and compassionate way.  Through this you will give birth to new ideas which reflect and align with your true essence.

All you would love to create, manifest, and achieve is now possible, provided you remain true to yourself.  Listen to what your heart is saying; be guided by your intuition and you will create the success and fulfillment you so rightly deserve.

Many wondrous experiences are in store for you.” 

Today’s Deck:

Crystal Oracle by Toni Carmine Salerno

Today’s Sharing:

is this picture I took with my phone.

oregon coast
Florence, Oregon. Where I spent the afternoon, becoming 57.





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  1. Recharging is so important. I’ve been getting Mrs. Denial out into the woods as much as I can. I’ve been better about my own recharging…

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