It’s been tumultuous recently, personally and politically and globally, even in our weather.  I’ve heard that on a planetary level, we’re transitioning.  We are in an evolutionary phase, this time unlike any before.

            Evolution and education are not fast.  They are not a quick turn-around, like drive up food.  We need to understand that so much of what we’re all going through is a process, the journey.

             To see beyond the chaos, and into a calmer future can be so difficult.  We get caught up in our fear, in our emotions.  We question the purpose and the reasoning.  We question ourselves.

             What I’ve been hearing this week has to do with our value, and our part in the bigger picture.  We worry that we aren’t enough, that we don’t have what it takes.  We become concerned that we can’t help, that we can’t make a difference.

             The Universe is reminding us that there is a plan.  That there is intention and meaning .  That there is hope.  And above all else:

we are worthy!

             We are exactly who can help.  We have feelings because we care.  Yes, it totally WILL get better.  Yes, changes are sometimes painful.

             But now, if we breathe calmly, if we stop the panic, we’ll be able to see our solution.   We’ll be able to see beyond.

             We’ll be MORE than ready to lend a hand.  We can be right where we need to be to do the most good.

             First though, we have to accept the process, and accept our part in it.  We are incredibly powerful, we simply don’t always remember that.

             Look at this story about a young woman who utilized what she had, and made a huge difference.  Listen within, it will all make sense.  It always does.

we are worth it

“Queen Esther

The Morning Star

‘My ego is in service to my soul.

And I trust my soul’s divine timing.’

Who She Is:

Esther represents the powerful combination of feminine intuition and divine timing.  She was a Hebrew orphan born with the name Hadassah.  Raised by her cousin Mordecai, she lived with the Jewish community in exile in Persia during the 5th century B.C.E.

Mordecai became aware of a plot against the Jewish people created by the king’s chief minister, Haman.  Using her brilliance and her intuition, Esther came up with a plan to save her cousin and her people.

Her beauty had caught the attention of the king, so the next time his current wife refused to come see him when he called for her, Esther seized the moment and the king chose her to be his next bride.

Then Esther didn’t wait for the king to call for her; she prepared a large banquet and called for him.  Later, she revealed who she was and where she was from, that she was a Jew and that Haman had plotted to kill her people.

The book of Esther in the Torah is read twice outloud, once in the morning and in the evening during the festival of Purim to celebrate the memory of Esther’s brave actions.  Her name is derived from the word meaning ‘bright star’ or ‘morning and evening star.’

This is the name she grew into when she courageously trusted her intuition and used its divine timing to save her people.

When Your Soul Selects Her Card:

The ego has a timetable that the soul couldn’t care less about.  When we are feeling stressed or threatened in some way, fear can be exceptionally loud and can inform the ego to work overtime in trying to get something accomplished or to manipulate something to happen.

The natural flow of energy that’s always at work behind the scenes, the Universe’s capacity to assist us, then gets blocked.

When we are in service of love, we are following the dictates of our soul.  And when the ego is in service of the soul, divine timing ensues.

Esther mastered this art.  Even under extreme duress, she listened wisely to her soul.  She became a queen by letting her love for her people inform her feminine intuitive powers.

This is her imperative: trust that everything is aligning in divine timing; trust your soul-voice.

Soul-Voice Meditation:

What do I intuitively know will happen in divine timing for me?


My ego is in service of my soul.

And I trust my soul’s divine timing.”

Today’s Deck:

The Divine Feminine Oracle by Meggan Watterson and Lisbeth Cheever-Gessaman

Today’s Sharing:

We went to Salt Creek Falls for our anniversary today.

I can feel the mist on my face, the wind on my skin. I can feel the power in where I am standing.

             We’ve done the math, it’s 36 years married, nearly 38 together.  Neither one of us is quite sure what to do with those numbers.

             Instead of worrying about it, we just released it.  We took our time, relaxed, enjoyed the view, wandered, had a snack, chatted, and laughed.

             We sometimes don’t realize how much we need trips like this.  For us, it was just an easy day, an hour from the house, but it made all the difference.






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  1. Remember how close we are to such places. There is beauty all around us, and soul replenishment is crucial. Those numbers only reflythis life. The actual numbers are different.

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