As I continue to adjust (new normal = full-time work week + two baby days), I am learning to categorize, to triage, to sort essentials/discard.  In my head I keep hearing that old saying about how we shouldn’t sweat the small stuff, and yeah, it’s all small stuff.

             (Unrelated, but speaking of sweat.  In case anybody was wondering, I am NOT enjoying my summer due to surface-of-the-fucking-sun heat and the nearly debilitating edema it is causing.  Counting the days until it rains and gets nicely cold again.)

             We “manage” what we can, and are supposed to release the rest.  Which, in theory, sounds super simple.  Day-to-day, it’s mostly not.

             Although, what the Universe would like us to focus on is:

in truth, it really IS all small stuff.

             Our blessings and gifts?  Those tiny treasures we weren’t counting on, but which brightened our entire day?  Those are small, and yet, they are priceless.

             Those irritating inconveniences, like traffic and another bill in the mail and the shittiest annoying neighbor?  Those are minuscule moments of bother which we can easily look past, as long as we drop them right in the correct bin and move on.

             Letting go of an irritant can seem large, when in reality, the second we’ve opened our hand and it falls away?  It’s bliss.  In an immediate and intense way.

             We need only find the trick of it, the tool which works for us.  As I said, I’m learning to, I’m absorbing the process and seeing some results.  It can be slow-going, but that’s okay.  We have plenty of time.

             Here is a validation, and some support, too.  (Yes, I’m still enamored with these sacred women……. )

don't sweat the small stuff


Mistress Of The Labyrinth

‘My soul knows the way.

And the only way out is through.’

Who She Is:

Ariadne represents the love and support available to us when we dare to be courageous.  She is known as being both a Greek goddess and the human daughter of Minos, king of Crete.

When Your Soul Selects Her Card:

Ariadne is a symbol of the hope, the divine assistance, and the step-by-step process we can take to move through a difficult time or to confront an injustice in our life.

Her message is that our courage is always in some way rewarded.  When we seek to end an unnecessary pattern or routine which is no longer serving us (even though we initially created it in the effort to keep us safe), it can feel insurmountable.  But the soul always wants our freedom.  The divine is what liberates, not confines.

It might feel like we can’t find our way out of this situation, this maze, but we can.  We can trust that the soul knows the way through.  And, we can trust that spiritual support is a given.

Ariadne wants us to be brave so she can fall in love with our actions.  She is both goddess and human; she gets our fear, but she also knows well just how much power we hold.

Soul-Voice Meditation:

What allows me to feel supported while doing the inner work?


My soul knows the way.

And the only way out is through.”

Today’s Deck:

Divine Feminine Oracle by Meggan Watterson and Lisbeth Cheever-Gessaman

Edited To Add:

I’ve been collecting images of hearts (found in nature), sharing them on Instagram and Facebook.  Here’s one from recently.

never discuss size





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  1. The only way out is through. Pretty succinct. As the yang to your ying, I am reveling in the heat.

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