There is a lot of bad news lately.  There is also, as is more often the case than we realize, a lot of good in the world, too.  Both are presented to us for learning purposes.

             In the past few months I’ve been handed a whole heapload of these bad/good “opportunities” (in the form of memories triggered by media coverage).  I’m drafting a written piece which I hope to publish (with the encouragement of my Seattle girl, who has been instrumental in helping me acknowledge these past actions, and amongst the community of strong women who were an essential part of this entire process). #MeToo

             I’ll let everyone know how it’s going, and where it will appear, once I’ve made my way through all of the history and the pain and the mess.  For right now, though, our message is exactly the support we can all count on.

             The Universe would like us to look at (and honour) our


             Don’t confuse it with recoverY, because what we’re focusing on is the action, the activity, the traumas, and the moving through them.  To gain our freedom on the other side.

             I was asked (after I realized that yet ANOTHER fucking experience had been buried way deep by my damaged mental vault) how leaving it all down there had been working out for me, these past four decades.  The answer is, not terrifically well, not well in hardly any way.

             We all know that the only way to it is through it.  If we don’t shove ahead, face our past, our present, and where we need to make our future, our journey will be so much more difficult.  Yes, it’s going to be HORRIBLE for me to recall all of those experiences, but if I don’t, I won’t be able to move forward, and they will continue to manifest themselves as a disrupted and confused mind, covered in blame for shit that was never my fault, should never have happened to a child, a teen, a young girl.

             Our most powerfully channeled and beautifully illustrated Divine Feminine is still the correct and current choice; this validation, is of course, precisely the guidance and empowerment which will be best for us all.

             (Like seriously, I could NOT believe this card when I flipped it over.)

never not broken


The Goddess Of Never Not Broken

‘Everything happens for my liberation.

I choose to become only more love.’

Who She Is:

Akhilanda represents the essence of the phoenix, she is the indestructible energy that embraces change.  She knows that everything is conspiring to transform her into only more love and light.

Akhilanda is an elusive goddess from Hindu mythology.  Her full name is Akhilandaeshvari.  Ishavri in Sanskrit means ‘female power’ or ‘goddess,’ akhilanda means ‘never not broken,’ so she is the goddess of never not broken.

She can never be broken, because she always is.  She is the embodiment of what we try to avoid – the dissolution of our ego’s identity.

Her power is unparalleled.  She radiates the potent light and joy that’s the goal of change, transformation, or pain.  There is very little written about her, she is meant to be known through experience.  She is an intimate, interior goddess who we meet when we are in the darkest moments of grief and heartbreak.

She shows us where our energy is trapped, where we have been stifled in routines or others’ expectations of us.  And she whispers the liberation we all experience once we let ourselves break open and allow the new expression of our self to come blazing through.

She reminds us that we always have the power to choose to see every event as yet another opportunity to become more light, to become more of the radiant soul we are here to be.

When Your Soul Selects Her Card:

Many of us exert tremendous energy in the effort to not break or fall apart.  We resist our grief.  Our heartbreak.  Or we deny the need to change until the choice no longer feels like it’s ours.

Something sideswipes us in our ordinary life and shatters who we think we are and how we identify ourselves.  Here’s what Akhilanda reminds us:

Vulnerability is our greatest strength.  If we are always broken, we can never break.

Akhilanda is the most intimate and personally powerful goddess because she meets us in the moments when we can feel most alone, most exposed, and most afraid.

She models how to thrive in the midst of change; she uses pain to joyfully and purposefully transform.  She sees everything as an opportunity to release what isn’t serving her.  And she knows that being broken isn’t a failure, or something we should avoid, it’s actually the whole point.

We are here to let our ideas of ourselves go up in flames, so that beneath the ashes the soft core of who we truly are arises.  And so that we remember it’s not the heart that ever breaks, it’s the ego.

The heart only ever expands.

Soul-Voice Meditation:

What heartbreak can I see now as an opportunity to expand?


Everything happens for my liberation.

I choose to become only more love.”

Today’s Deck:

The Divine Feminine Oracle by Meggan Watterson, illustrated by Lisbeth Cheever-Gessaman




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    1. Thank you. I know that in your (former) business you came across a lot of challenging situations. In the back of my mind, as I remember and try to process my past, I sometimes wonder what would have happened if I had reported….. any of them.

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