We need to acknowledge the transitions in our lives, and it’s helpful to do so with a nice positive attitude.  Sadly, we’re flawed beings, and often we simply can’t.

             We are on a changing path, a twisty road, long and winding (as the song says).  We are blocked, sometimes.  We encounter construction or washouts.  It’s not like this WON’T happen, because it truly will.  But rather, it’s how we handle these detours which helps us with our lessons.

             Today the Universe is talking about our


             And our passage.  How we make the movement and the motion and the journey meaningful,  not stressful.

             One way is to be prepared for the trip.  I’m an over-packer.  I do not travel light.  (No surprise there.)  Unfortunately, even if I think I’ve brought all the items that we might POSSIBLY need.  I still forget shit.  Always.  Like, every single time.

             On the plus side, we don’t ever really go anyplace which is so remote that I can’t find a store of some sort.   And it’s that way on the spiritual plane.  We are never so far away, so lost, that we can’t reach out and access help.

             In fact, we’re staying with our new cards, and the validation couldn’t be more perfect.  Here is the light, with which we may travel into the dark, and back out again.


“Brigid  ~

The Goddess Of The Eternal Flame

‘I am an eternal flame.

And each day, my light grows brighter.’

Who She Is:

Brigid represents the essence of an inner dawn, and the healing which comes from knowing that the best is yet to come.  Brigid is the goddess of pre-Christian Ireland.

She is associated with the Indo-European dawn goddess and the coming of spring.  She is honoured in a Celtic festival called Imbolc which takes place half way between the winter and spring celebrations.

It is said that at the moment between dusk and daybreak, Brigid arose into the sky with flames like rays of the sun blazing in her hair.

There is a shrine near Kildare in Ireland that is sacred to the druids because it is believed to have been a place where Brigid’s priestesses tended to her eternal flame.  This is where they learned the ancient healing practices which are associated with her.  And this is where in 480 C.E., Saint Bridget built a monastery in honor of the goddess, creating a communal and consecrated center for women’s religious life and learning.

Brigid is associated with poetry, and with all things elevated: states of being, high rising flames, lofty dimensions, inhanced wisdom.

She is said to have created the whistle for calling out from one person to another while walking through the night, which lifts the wanderer with its levity and reminds her she’s not alone.

When Your Soul Selects This Card:

There’s a moment when you are making your way through the dark and suddenly (after what feels like days, or months, or even years) a ray of light comes through to you. A lightening happens.

Each step isn’t quite as hard to make as the one before.  And you feel a great shift begin as if now you’re headed toward something new.  Something even brighter.

Brigid is the essence of that first flame, that first ray of light.  Brigid reminds us that the darkness never lasts forever.

Her eternal flame represents the truth that the light never leaves us and can never be extinguished.  It simply gets obscured.  She reminds us that every day is actually filled with light; there are many days (and times in our lives) when we endure thick cloud cover, when that flame which exists within us is blocked by pain or confusion.

Brigid is the sweet sound which reaches us in the dark and reminds us that we have never been on this journey alone.  Brigid is our sign that the dawn is here because we made it through the dark winter, the dark night.

We can lift our head.  The healing has happened.  And now each next day is bound to be brighter.

Soul-Voice Meditation:

What allows me to feel light more often, every day?


I am an eternal flame.

And each day, my light grows brighter.”

Today’s Deck:

The Divine Feminine Oracle by Meggan Wattson and Lisbeth Cheever Gessaman