In the spirit of true, and continuing, transparency, I need to tell you that it’s approximately the surface of the sun here, as far as heat goes.  And, according to the apps on my phone, it will continue to be like this for another two weeks, or ya know, until fucking forever.

             I get it.  It’s summer.  But truthfully, I can’t stand these temperatures.  This oven-like weather makes me physically nauseous and entirely unpleasant to be around.  I can’t think.  I can’t sleep.  I can’t hold a thought, nor a conversation.  It’s disgusting.

              Just wanted you to know how I’m doing.   And why we don’t have a personal channeled message.  I can’t rest and listen when I’m finding it hard to breathe.  I become enraged, and more swollen than usual.

             The reason for this post though, is a beautiful and positive one.  We received a wee giftie that I’d forgotten about.  It was on order, and then it appeared.  (Some items I simply can’t purchase locally, and I’ve had to become okay with that.)

             It is THIS DECK.  And it is glorious.  I keep seeing signs and posters and stickers and t-shirts, all of them saying: the future is female.  No offense, obviously, to those of you raising sons, I happen to know, up-close-and-personal, that those boys are included here.  This statement is not just truth, it’s also mythic.  The males who are birthed and instructed by feminists are just as much our future.

             This afternoon, three women in my life came through, in a big and important way.  I have daughters, I have born nieces, I have married-in nieces, I have sisters-in-law.  All of them are strong and bright, loving and kind; I know we can count on them to help, personally and globally.  It gives me hope, merely thinking of them.

             This is our first draw, the first of many more to come.  It is perfect in its validation, its message, and its tone.

miraculous healing

“Catherine LaBoure  ~  

The Patroness of Miraculous Healing

‘I am ready to heal.

I am worthy of the miracles meant for me.’


Catherine LaBoure embodies our capacity to facilitate our own healing.  She was born in Côte d’Or, France in 1806.  When Catherine was nine years old, she picked up a statue of the Virgin Mary after her mother’s funeral and said with a kiss, ‘now you will be my mother.’

As a young woman, she became a member of the nursing order of Saint Vincent de Paul in Paris.  She chose this order after she had a vision of Saint Vincent’s heart in the Church on Rue de Bac.

In 1830, Catherine had another vision, this one of Mary standing in the vesica piscis with rays of light streaming out from the center of her open palms.  She asked Mother Mary why some of the rays don’t reach the earth.  And Mary explained, ‘those are the graces for which people forget to ask.’

Catherine was instructed to create a ‘miraculous medal’ based on this vision of Mary.  All who wear them, it is believed, will receive great graces.

Saint Catherine’s miraculous medal became widely popular among all sects of Christianity.  It is still worn by millions all over the world to this day.


It can feel effortless to ask for what our loved ones need.  We can fall on our knees at times to pray for the health and highest possible outcome for our beloved children and partners or friends.  What’s often far more difficult is asking for all that we need.

For many of us, lack of self-worth can get in the way of realizing that we can ask for so much more.  And that ultimately, there is no difference between praying for our own needs and the needs of our loved ones.

There are so many miracles, graces, and blessings which don’t arrive simply because we don’t ask for them.  The spirit world is ethical and doesn’t interfere with our intrinsic right to choose our own adventure story.  Free will is ours.

So we have to ask for the Universe to intervene in the effort of our own healing.

Ask and you will find.  This is a spiritual truth.

And also, suffering is optional.  Suffering doesn’t glorify us nor make us more holy.  At any point we can ask for the highest possible good to shower down on us.

We can ask to be healed in ways we can’t even imagine by handing the healing over to the divine.

The healing might not arrive in the way we picture being healed.  Our lower back may still throb with pain, but our heart has shifted and there’s a miraculous amount of light within our lives again.

If we can hand over an attachment to what healing is going to look like, we can receive all the blessings waiting for us.


What can I ask for help in healing?


I am ready to heal.

I am worthy of the miracles meant for me.”

             Thank you, to all of my Divine females (and the males in their lives).  Thank you, Meggan Watterson, for channeling this oracle and sharing it with the world.