Today I spent over an hour on the phone with my mother.  Now that I’ve said that, let’s unpack the entire statement.  First, I am grateful, on an hourly basis, that if I want to speak with my parents, all I need to do is dial up their little flip phones, and Ta Da!  They answer.

              I know that this is a gift.  The primary reason I’m aware is because I can’t do that with my siblings.  My sister is dead.  My brother is an ass.  She and I communicate in other ways.  He never answers.

             Next fact: I now have an incredibly close and mutually respectful relationship with my mom.  It was not always like this, I do know the difference (and this way is better).

             Third piece of truth.  I work a lot these days, away from home.  And it’s a challenge, what with the health situation.  Which means, when I DO have a day off, I often need to use it for resting.  Talking to my parents is NOT relaxing.  It is, however, entertaining.

             That hour-plus was an extreme luxury.  Acknowledging this brings us back around to


             I come from people who have never had much.  Not for countless generations.  And what they did have, land, was taken from them.  (Side Note:  I don’t celebrate July 4th as any sort of holiday.)

             This week, for me, and possibly for you, too, we’re focusing on a blatant show of gratitude.  We’re going to aim towards appreciation, for those gifts, blessings, advantages, and opportunities which surround us.

              Sharing is a form of this same idea.  To say thanks, in any small way, helps to lighten the load, it brings a smile, and it can brighten someone’s day.  With very little effort on our part, we can train our gaze to that which we do have, not what we do not.  To only look at lack, well, it brings us all down.

             We have to be realistic, I know this.  What we don’t have to be is selfish.






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  1. I have not checked in here in Julieland lately, nor have I kept contact with my best retired number person. I follow the lives, of grillman/nana/hurricane on various media sites. I’m grateful for the all of you.

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