Today, I have to say some things.  I have to be open, and I need to be genuine.  I am being directed towards transparency.

             I have disabilities.  I have disorders.  I have challenges.  I have struggles.  I have issues.  I become anxious and depressed.  I have periodic break-downs.

             When I expound on the benefits of Intentional Living, encouraging us all to Choose Joy, I’m doing so as a channeled message and also as an instruction to my own psyche.  Promoting a positive attitude is one of the ways I use to cope, with all of the above listed situations and diagnoses, plus the daily shit that just seems to show up.

             I have seen the healing properties of these methods and I want to share them.  The tools I have gathered, are my own examples (specific and personal suggestions), which can be applied to all sorts of similar conditions.

             Some the ways that I assist in my own mental health is to watch videos of lava (not at all dwelling on the destruction, but remembering and honouring the manifestation of Pele, she who created my beloved Hawaiian Islands).  I’ve been learning about, and involving myself in, the Body Positive Movement; seeking knowledge and education about SelfCare and SelfLove.  When I released all numbers, and our lives changed due to career and medical emergencies, my body changed, too.

             On Instagram I follow an account for a cheese shop in London.  And another one who is a wood worker in Canada.  I also look at Victorian houses, ocean views, clips of dolphins, whales, sharks, seahorses, and orcas.

             In quiet moments, I light candles and incense, I talk to dead people, I listen to the Universe, I hold keepsakes and mementos, I cry and I release sorrow.

mental health

             My YouTube account is full of falling water recordings.  There are several sources of angelic messages, inspirational affirmations, and the ever helpful guided meditation.

             On days when I don’t get to spend time with my GrandBaby, I look at pictures and videos of her.  A while back I was gifted two types of Kindle reading devices.  When I am alerted of free books available for downloading, I will sit with one of those, resting and escaping.

             Basically, what we’re discussing today is


             We are all broken, we are all flawed.  We all have to work at being okay sometimes.  None of us has everything.   None of us is perfect.

mental health

             When we are grateful for the gifts and treasures we do have, it reminds us of our good fortune.  And when we can share that with our loved ones, it helps us all.

             It feels like progress, on a global scale has been set back lately, and that brings everyone down.  I can only cling to my Hope and my Joy and utilize the tools I’ve found to keep me going forward, managing to survive another day, to arise tomorrow, and do it again.

             Be well, my dear ones, and take special care of yourselves the best you possibly can.

Today’s Sharing:

is to recommend Nanette.  Please, find it, and watch it, and share it.


4 thoughts on “Clear and Visible

  1. Hugs and love, you know we are travelers on the same path. It is so easy to lose hope and get sucked under. I love your list of things to watch- especially lava! Pele! Thanks for posting this.

  2. This reminds me of a Leonard Cohen verse:
    Forget your perfect offering
    There is a crack, a crack in everything (there is a crack in everything)
    That’s how the light gets in

    And the pottery in Japan that gets repaired to be even more beautiful with the cracks repaired with gold:

    It is in our broken places that we can shine.

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