5 thoughts on “Into The Wind

  1. Letting go, uh huh, there’s a thing/theme. 😉

    Haha! Recognized that pic/planner immediately! I, too, got a late calendar start. But they never run out of my teapot calendar, so I’m good. And I treated myself to an elephant calendar to hang in the bathroom so I can see ‘lella phants’ first thing every morning. 😊. (Now I just need to finish putting Christmas away 😛 ….. Imbolc/Candlemas is coming waaay too fast!) (If we could just figure out a way to slow down time…)

    And are you doing better now? I’m hoping so!🌈

    1. My recovery is slow but steady, thank you for asking. I’m dealing with a constant feeling of fatigue, which is something I believe you might understand.

  2. Definitely letting go is a theme, or was for 2017. I’m hoping I can carry some of that lightness into 2018 with me.

    Hope you’re recovering well!

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