This week marks my ten year blogaversary.  I began here, a decade ago, to make sense of my sister’s death.  As a place for thoughts, feelings, and later, messages.

             It has served that purpose, plus so much more.  I have no plans to stop showing up, whether I have readers or not (although, I truly hope I do).  It’s worth my time to sit down, contemplate, type, and ultimately, share.

             My mother told me once, at a major turning point in her life, that she felt the perfect imagery (she could see it clearly in her mind’s eye), was the slow changing of a page, the folding flip of paper, as it turned over, marking the end of one chapter, beginning of another.

             I feel that now, as we transition into a new week, a new month, a new year, and no doubt, a new decade.  I hear the Universe tell us that this movement, this marking of time is


             The recovery and restoration has begun.  We may now go forward, wounded and wearing our scars proudly.  We may move on to the next chapter, the next path.

            We have learned, we have grown, and we have traveled so very far.  We are always better for surviving.  And if all we did was make it through this particular day, well, that is an accomplishment.  One we won’t diminish.

             Thank you, for taking this trip with me.  I appreciate you, and treasure your presence.

May we all find peace.

May we all heal.





6 thoughts on “Repair, restore, rebuild.

  1. 10 years, WOW!!! Congratulations! I have enjoyed my time here, learned many new things, and savored a judgement free environment. You are such a warm and wonderful person. Thanks so much for being here and sharing your journey! (And that heron pic is to die for. Sooo Beautiful!)

  2. Thanks for taking us along for the journey. So many things the past 10 years. Ups, downs, and sideways’s . I, too, have learned a lot while enjoying the Tarot readings and photos.

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