I hope whatever holiday you celebrate(d) was/is filled with light and joy.

             I hope if you do not celebrate, that your days are comfortable and kind.

             I hope, for all of us, that 2018 is more positive, more loving, and all ’round better than the one we’re in now.

             I hope all of us remember that this chosen life of ours is a journey, not a race.

             I hope we all treasure every step, and the quiet pauses which fall between them.

             I hope each and every one of us go into tomorrow, and all the tomorrow’s following, with health, prosperity, and love.

             Be Well,

from me to you.


holiday cheer


4 thoughts on “Winter Wishes

  1. Thank you for your Holiday wishes. I hope that your celebrations were good, and fulfilling, and full of family. Ours has commenced, and has had some wonderful, and not-so-wonderful moments, with the big one to get underway in about an hour.

    My hope is for peace of mind.

  2. Lovely Holiday Wishes and GORGEOUS picture! Hope your holiday was warm and comforting.

    I got a special treat, Saver of Bugs and Trilobite drove up from Texas for the holidays. And there will be a wedding in April! It was crowded here in my little home, but I loved every crazy minute!

    Do hope you’re feeling better!

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