It’s anniversary week (end).  Not for the website, but for my actual, real life, marriage.  35 years since the wedding, (almost) 37 years since I went to get gas that fateful day.

             We’re going to leave town.  Not far.  But enough “away” to have some space and to remember who we are.  Where we came from.  Where our starting point was.

             When I sat down to listen for this post, I was gifted so many memories of our amazing journey.  The road has by no means been smooth, nor luxurious.   It has absolutely been a chaotic fucking ride!

             Here’s what the Universe would like us all to focus on, as we firmly seat ourselves in gratitude for those who have helped us get to this day, this destination:

do the work/feel the feelings

             The thing about being married to the same person for so long is that you kind of get to know them a bit.  (Some of us are better at this than the other.  And it’s not the one you might think.)

             In relationships, as in so many aspects of our life, when we have emotions arise, if they are not acknowledged, they become stuck and rotting and toxic.   When we don’t do the tiny jobs we need to accomplish, then they pile up and become huge tasks we can barely face.

             To tally this many years (semi-)successfully, both halves must do their part, both halves must honour their emotions.  If one falls or flounders, it’s on their partner to do the picking up.

             I fall down a ton.  He always picks me up.  There have been points when he needed me to pick him up, I hope I did as well as he has.

             And I hope for everyone reading this, that they too, have someone to pick up, and someone who will pick them up.

             This is the deck I was directed to for our continuing message.  It is entirely appropriate.  Also, look at the number…..

psychic sense

“Visions  ~  37  ~

Psychic images, clairvoyance, seeing, out of body travel

Mermaids do much of their work, their spirit work, by moonlight.  Under moonlight we can see so much more of what is taking place with each other’s energetic space, and the layers of our energetic field …..

When you connect to the moon, you will feel more whole, more attuned to the cycles of the world, and the fears you may have had around certain issues will fade.  You will allow yourself to see with your psychic vision, and you will speak of what you see …..

You will begin to understand and easily interpret the divine in alliance with your spiritual sense.”

Today’s Deck:

Oracle Of The Mermaids by Lucy Cavendish

Today’s Sharing:

is to thank Daniel.  He helped me with a borrowed car on the day we met/the day we found each other again, and he’s been there next to me ever since, plus so many lifetimes before.

             To you,

from me,

I would truly not have made it without you,

thank you,

more than I could ever say or show.

             Eight, two eight, eight-two.




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  1. It was an honor to share dinner with you last night as you start on your celebratory weekend. I wrote a whole bunch more mushy stuff but WordPress ate it. Probably a good thing.

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