I’m sick.  Going on day 3 (or maybe 5).  Throat is painful to the point of no voice.  Head pounding, eyes red and runny.  Lungs aren’t doing well, ribs ache from coughing.

             Sleep is difficult (and you know how much I love sleep).  Just in general this has been a real, no-nonsense, shitty week.

             Some challenges have arisen, struggle has been the norm.  On so many levels.

             Here’s our message.  It was clear and it was loud.

channeled messages

             If you know who I can credit this photo to, shout at me in the comments or send an e-mail.  For now, we’re going with it as is: whale sharks, staying in touch, being together.

             The Universe wants us to remember how important our loved ones are.  Call or text somebody who is meaningful in your life.

             Reach out, hold a hand (or fin).  Give a hug, or ask for one.  Our journey has bumps in the road.

             We need to recognize (and be grateful for) the smooth spots.  We need to remember, both of them help us to be who we are, and who we strive to become.

Today’s Resources:

the internet,

and me.

Today’s Sharing:

out house
Be grateful for plumbing, and electricity.

             This is my July view.  Enjoy.  I’ll be home, in bed.  With the air conditioning on, drinking water from an indoor faucet (and appreciating every single second).




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