We left town.  We went away.  We took some days off.  We put miles and miles on the car.  I saw my beloved ocean.  All the kids were in one place at the same time.

             My parents’ situation is working itself out.  Their home has been rewired and power has been turned back on.  Food items and personal electronics were lost, but no one died.

             It’s been a tumultuous week.  Many feelings.  Lots of talking, loads of hugs and tears and tugged heartstrings.

             Through it all I heard this:

ask for help, accept help.

             It is so VERY important for us to remember the value in giving, as well as receiving.  They weigh the same.  We mustn’t neglect either side.

             Especially where family / tribe / clan is concerned.  To be our best and most genuine selves we have to allow our loved ones to assist.  And in turn, when we are called upon, we can be the helpers.

             This isn’t always easy, of course, as with most lessons.  On the other hand, it doesn’t have to be all that difficult, either.  It’s about the effort involved.

             And, the feelings.  Which brings us to our validating and incredibly insightful card altar draw.  (And by “card altar” I mean: the table which will eventually BE the card altar.)

st dymphna

“Emotions  ~

St Dymphna

The answer to your question involves emotions – either yours or those of the person you are inquiring about.

This is also a message for you to pay closer attention to your emotions.  It’s safe for you to admit your true feelings to yourself.

St Dymphna can help you find solutions to any emotional upsets.  She is a loving saint who specializes in helping you achieve emotional and mental health.

The lantern which she carries helps you to better see where you are going and assist you in avoiding obstacles on your path.

Allow St Dymphna to illuminate your journey.”

Today’s Deck:

Saints & Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Today’s Sharing:

is this post from my Hurricane.   There was camping involved.  Not by me, obviously.  I stayed nearby in amazing vintage accommodations.




7 thoughts on “Genetically and Generationally

  1. Booo… Hanna’s link didn’t work! And what a wonderful hotel to stay at!!! All the kids in one place AND the ocean!!!!? SWOON!!! Lucky you! I hope you had a wonderful time! (You’re going to share pics, right? Hint, hint… :D)

    I feel the need to shake a finger at you and give you a reminder. ‘Cause you know better! Stop this! (And by “card altar” I mean: the table which will eventually BE the card altar.) It IS your card alter! It might not be ‘finished’ for you, but it IS your card alter. Bless it and give thanks that you even have the table. No more investing negative emotions in your table! {{{HUGS}}} (Yes, I KNOW – pot, kettle, black…)

    1. I never touched my toes in the water, but I certainly got miles and miles of looking out the car window. And late at night, in our room, I could hear it……..

  2. Electricity is one of those things, major blessing (obviously), but so dangerous, too! Sounds like they are lucky to still have a house!

    So awesome you and all your kids got to go to the beach together!!!

    1. They set up their camp over six miles inland! Who does that? 😉

      It was fine, I got to look at the ocean every day, and hear it at night.

      1. The one and only time I camped ON the beach, we had to put everything we had in the tent, because it was getting blown across the beach whenever we weren’t in it (and yes, we had “staked it down,” wind scoffed at those puny stakes driven into sand!)…. so I can identify with wanting to camp inland a bit, lol!

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