We’re OKAY!

             Dear Gentle Reader, we’ve had a set-back.  Apparently my family doesn’t function unless we have drama and unexpected emergencies.

             My parents are safe in a hotel tonight, no one died.  There was a small amount of property loss (soon to be covered by insurance, we hope).  A disaster averted, narrowly.  Of course it was weird and unusual.

             I lost an entire day.  What I did not lose were any of my loved ones.  For that, I am grateful.  And if you don’t mind, I’m asking you to accept apologies for not getting anything done here.

             We’re heading in to a long week of work and then some not-too-far-away travel.  I will check in as much as possible, giving updates, sharing channeled messages, and uploading pictures.

             I appreciate your patience more than I can say.

Be Well,

hug your family and friends,

don’t take anything for granted.

Like a house,

or electricity.


6 thoughts on “We’re OKAY!

    • Rental house adventures! The power is back on, and they’re home. We can share details soon. Text Dan, aren’t we due for a couple’s night out?

  1. Wow, sounds… well I don’t know, since you didn’t give us details! 😉 scary? Exciting? Both? I am soooo glad everyone is OK!

    • Not exciting, just scary. Surging and cycling electricity is horrifying. It kept blowing out anything that was plugged in, until we got the power shut off.

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