Dear Gentle Reader, we’ve had a set-back.  Apparently my family doesn’t function unless we have drama and unexpected emergencies.

             My parents are safe in a hotel tonight, no one died.  There was a small amount of property loss (soon to be covered by insurance, we hope).  A disaster averted, narrowly.  Of course it was weird and unusual.

             I lost an entire day.  What I did not lose were any of my loved ones.  For that, I am grateful.  And if you don’t mind, I’m asking you to accept apologies for not getting anything done here.

             We’re heading in to a long week of work and then some not-too-far-away travel.  I will check in as much as possible, giving updates, sharing channeled messages, and uploading pictures.

             I appreciate your patience more than I can say.

Be Well,

hug your family and friends,

don’t take anything for granted.

Like a house,

or electricity.


6 thoughts on “We’re OKAY!

    1. Rental house adventures! The power is back on, and they’re home. We can share details soon. Text Dan, aren’t we due for a couple’s night out?

  1. Wow, sounds… well I don’t know, since you didn’t give us details! 😉 scary? Exciting? Both? I am soooo glad everyone is OK!

    1. Not exciting, just scary. Surging and cycling electricity is horrifying. It kept blowing out anything that was plugged in, until we got the power shut off.

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