Yesterday I spent a significant amount of my day with an 8-year-old. She is not related to me by genetics, but her parents and siblings have become like family.

             Again the Universe is telling us it’s time to revisit the conversation around that concept of: it takes a village.  And how without support, well.  Everything is just that much more challenging.

             Here’s what I’m hearing ……


             Who makes up our closest, our near-and-dear, our most loved individuals?  Whoever they are, they’re never all related to us by blood, by DNA.

             Often, our core group is a gathering of like-minded souls, with some genuine relatives mixed in.  It matters not one bit what this ratio of the blend is, nor really, what the numbers even are.

             The important and valuable part?  That we take care of our clan, that we hold them close and back them up.  That we love them, unconditionally, and we are there to support them.

             Because we know, they’ll be there for us.  One of the best ways to make sure we’re recharged and can help family when called upon is to take care of ourselves.

             On what is taking the place of my card altar right now (see phone pic below), we are being validated in that very sentiment.  We MUST practice Self Care, and then, we can be of use to those we love.


“Priorities  ~

Get your priorities in order.

When we know what’s important,

speaking our truth gets much easier.”

Today’s Deck:

SelfCare Cards by Cheryl Richardson

Today’s Sharing:

is this current view from the room we are calling our “office” (maybe for a long time, maybe for just right now).

oracle and tarot and angel cards
Most of the cards, but (almost) none of the treasures.

             For the first time in the five weeks since we’ve been handed the keys to this place, I got to be in the house, and get shit done.  It’s been nice.  And soon, I’m sure, it will (finally) feel like home.

             (Camera battery recharging cord, still lost.  The replacement device my Beloved ordered for me seems to not be working.)


3 thoughts on “Kindred

  1. OOOOhhh, much sympathy! We just moved my son home from college in a rush and are going through the, “Where’s my shit?” routine. And it’s just a dorm apartment move, NOT a HOUSE! So I will yell at your lost shit from here to get itself found. Don’t you just hate having to buy stuff you know you have -somewhere- but can’t find? YUK! Best wishes at getting things pulled together to have yourself a “home” soon! {{HUGS}}

  2. I like that you are now able to claim your space as you own. That is important. I also am cherishing the concept of clan and tribe right now. The need for extended “family” as we go about our days, especially as we are either raising young ones or aging in place is evident. This is a good reminder.

    I went to a wedding a couple of weeks ago; my sister’s best friend got married. My sister was “best woman” and the connection she had with the other “best woman” was immediate and wonderful. I got to meet the extended family of Kris’s wife, and had an immediate connection with them, especially Molly’s Mom. The entire ceremony showed the extended family and community that they share. It was wonderful.

    And priorities…. always a good reminder to take care of what is really important, and ignore what isn’t important or helpful.

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