In my head lately has been very much a “perspective, appreciation, gratitude attitude” mantra.  It’s like chimes, ringing and singing.  Over and over.

             As I look around at what hasn’t been finished, at all of the numerous tasks still incomplete, the enormous amount of unpacked boxes, the precarious stacks of not-put-away household items, it all feels defeating.   But that truly only lasts a brief moment.

             Almost immediately, like right away practically, I hear the sounds of “change perspective, appreciate what IS done, embrace the endless small gifts and blessings” in soft gentle tones.  I am uplifted, and not quite so overwhelmed, as I tune in and set aside the unnecessary concerns.

             In fact, this post is an entire day late because in our moving the cord to charge my camera battery has disappeared.  I can’t upload anything, can’t take photos.  I’d use my phone, but this PC is so old that the process for downloading images no longer actually works.  So.  I stopped worrying about it all.

             Today, as we sorted and cleaned, donated and stored, we came across three playing cards.  I found an image on-line of the one which fell out first, and face-side up.

Ace of Clubs, or, in the Tarot: Wands

             This sign of new life validates all that I’ve been hearing, it goes perfectly with the messages I’ve been receiving.  An Ace is always a new start, and with Wands, their very definition is primal energy, inspiration and spirituality.  This suit personifies intuition and creativity.

             One of the most distinct things the Universe wants us to know is that nothing is black, nothing is white.  All of everything blends and melds in shades of gray, tones of color layers we can see reflected in nature.

             Especially as we move towards Beltane, the fiery and explosive holiday of Life’s celebrating all that is wild and good and beautiful.  We can see it out every window, in every yard and park, there is life, there is hope, there are the blessings around us.

              All we have to do is observe and appreciate, welcome and participate.


8 thoughts on “Inspiringly

  1. I think your “ringing and chiming” symbol is an interesting one. I am in my every other year participation in handbells (FCC goes to a handbell conference in Ashland every year; I really enjoy going, therefore, I ring with them in April and May every year they go.) Handbell music is not like any other music that I’ve played: It is as if you’re looking a piano score, and you (and only you) are responsible for one of, say, 4 notes in a particular octave. In any one piece, you may have only one or two. Every time those notes show up to be played, you play them. It is the ultimate of individual team work that I’ve experienced.

    I think that your current status might have a couple bells in the wrong places just yet; when they all get where they need to be, your ringing and singing will be more complete.

    Or not… And the Ace of Wands is a good card to turn up.

  2. (((HUGS))) and best wishes on getting the new abode set up!!! I LOVE that The Universe dropped a card draw on you, despite the technical difficulties, and what a great draw it was!!!

    1. Thank you! It’s challenging, but we’re gettin’ there.

      I met a wonderful and fun woman recently, she’s amazing. But as we talked, and the more I got to know her, I realized that she believes in nothing.
      I don’t understand how people can NOT see the signs.

      1. Undoubtedly, it is challenging, but undoubtedly you will get there! 😉

        I have a hard time understanding how someone can not believe in anything, too…. but, as we know, there are still many many “sleepers” among us… but undoubtedly they will all “get there” too… eventually!

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