Briefly, today.  Because: oh, the reasons.

             There’s so much, right now, right here, which we cannot control (or really, even fucking understand).  It’s more important than ever to lead with our hearts.

             We need to keep joy and laughter close, looking constantly for that silver lining.  We just . . . .  have to.

             Here’s where I was guided.  It basically says everything I’ve been hearing and feeling.

              There is a message in this one for everybody.


“Heart Chakra  ~

‘Love is the heart of the matter.  Your heart is the center within your physical being attuned most to love.

It’s safe for you to love and be loved with an open heart, as we stand by with perfect protection and guidance.’

The angels give you this card because the answer to your current situation and questions rest with your heart.

The more that you open your heart, the more love, joy, and peace you will feel.  You can open your heart chakra by asking the angels to send their healing energy, by visualizing your heart surrounded by pink light, by inhaling the fragrance of pink roses, by holding or wearing rose quartz, and by focusing on love.

Additional messages:

send light and love to your heart chakra

take very good care of your cardiovascular heath

a departed loved one who passed on from a heart-related condition is saying ‘hello, I love you’

have a heart-to-heart discussion

keep heart-shaped tokens and symbols close to remind you of Universal love.”

Today’s Deck:

Daily Guidance From Your Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Today’s Sharing:

is another type of love, one we can only understand when we spend time with children.


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