There’s world news, as always.  But, there’s also family news.  Our message today has to do with both.  I heard it, was guided to discuss it, and was shown some features about it.

             In all things, there’s two (or more!) sides to every story.  But this, this has no variants.  It either is, or it isn’t.  No gray areas.

             Here’s what the world is talking about, and here’s what the Universe wants us to talk about.


             To see and feel and know the truth seems like it should be easy.  And in many ways it is.  We understand, on a soul level what resonates with us, and what absolutely does NOT.

             What we need to remember is that emotion, that feeling, that inner knowing.  Go with it by listening to our higher selves, and we’ll be forever on our true path.

            Here is where I was directed, for today’s card altar validation.  It couldn’t be more perfect and appropriate.

higher self

“Judgement/Higher Self  ~  46

Precision, Rationality, Analysis, Discernment

This isn’t the time to act under an imagined sense of urgency.  Keep your emotions from running away with you.  Turn to your Higher Self, engage your power of reason, and trust your inclination to step away from the drama and intensity of the moment.

Study and analyze all the factors of the situation, and allow your Higher Self to guide you to the right end.  Sleep on it tonight.  

Better yet, sleep on it three nights, then heed the message of your Higher Self:

Leave it to me for me.”

Today’s Deck:

Ask Your Guides Oracle Cards by Sonia Choquette

Today’s Sharing:

is to say that our Empress, after over 48 hours of labor, gave birth to a most perfect and beautiful baby girl early this morning.  Her truth comes from her compassion and her power.  That is her strength.

             We are beyond proud of her.  She is an amazing human.  And her daughter’s pretty cool, too.


6 thoughts on “Appearance, and Presentation

  1. Reply in inverse order here, because of what I feel to be the most important: Congratulations to Emma and Jesse on that perfect human being they made. You and Dan will rock the world as grandparents. I look forward to meeting the newest member of your family.

    Your message of Truth comes at an auspicious time. Thank you for the message, the card, and the analysis. I will take that coaching step, since I have been finding emotions running at a high level recently.

  2. Congratulations to Emma and all of you on the newest addition to the family!!! You and Dan will be the coolest grandparents ever!!! Love you all!!!

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