How’s your week been?  A few ups mixed with some downs?  A little good with the bad?

             Yeah.  Me, too.  What’s been most interesting about this process, personally, is the visibility of it.  I’m definitely seeing* the levels of emotion and heart concerns.

*And by “seeing” I totally mean something more like a full mind/body/soul sensation.

             The lesson is absolutely about us counting our blessings and being aware of where our journey is taking us.  It’s focused on the plus side, not tallying up where we lack or miss out.


             Similar to a recent message we received about Keeping The Faith, this one reminds us of the duality in life.

             Even in the most terrible of times, we hear stories of true heroism.  Even in our worst periods of darkness, we know that we’re never alone, we’re never without some spark of twinkling hope to light our way.

             It may be as small as thanking the Universe for being in a warm bed tonight, or holding the Knowledge close that we are not personally in pain at this very moment.

            (And if we ARE in pain right now, or NOT in a warm bed, we can still hold out for the promise of tomorrow.)

             Whatever it is in our lives, be it tiny and seemingly insignificant to us, that very thing may be what someone else desires the most.  We can be nothing BUT grateful.  With genuine hope for our future.

             Both the draw I was directed towards on our card altar, and what follows, make up a perfect validation.

magick is real

“Believing in Magic  ~

‘True magic is abounding in my life!’

Card Meaning:

It is indeed a magical Universe.  Spiritual dimensions and mystical realms are only a thought away.  The key to opening these doors is to trust in something you cannot see or hear.

You can have doubts yet still believe in a vast and mysterious cosmos, where signs, symbols, and coincidences reveal secret messages.  Even if your faith is the size of a mustard seed, magic can abound.


The Universe wants you to know:

Some things are true, even if you don’t believe in them.  It’s hard to comprehend how something as heavy as a jumbo jet can fly, but it does.

When you make an overseas call, it’s hard to believe that your voice travels into space and bounces back, but it does.

And it’s sometimes hard to believe that angels are looking over us, but they are.  

Here’s to believing in magic.

Questions to ask yourself:

How can I access even more magic in my life?  What is the most important way for me to step into true magic?  If I truly believed in magic, in what ways would my life be different?


True magic is abounding in my life!”

Today’s Deck:

Gateway Oracle Cards by Denise Linn

Today’s Sharing:

is this view from the December calendar page in our upstairs hall.

peaceful universe
A peaceful person creates a peaceful universe.

             Everything about this resonates with me.  The colours, the feeling, the sentiment . . . . . all of it is what we need.  Take it with you, share it around, hold it close.  Be in Peace, as much as you possibly can.  I will be striving for the same.


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  1. “Being aware of where our journey is taking us”. Profound words. And with the implied caveat of: You’re not just along for the ride. Good messages to take into this season of change.

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