Around this time of year, there’s usually plenty of Being Thankful posts to be found.  This has definitely been on my mind, what with the holiday and all.

             But even more than that (because you all know how much I dislike being forced into a jovial or festive state), I have begun to gradually and oh-so-cautiously remove a few of my self-imposed restrictions.  I am peeking my head out, but only in safe directions.

             For me, right now, it’s become even more than merely the state of acknowledgment.  Our message echoes this, it has an intended focus of deep and sincere . . .


             To be well-balanced, it is said that we must be an even mix of all the Tarot suits, all the elements, as well as equal portions give/take.  We must be able to receive, to accept, and to be able to understand the difference.

             Of course, in real life, none of us are perfect, or exactly well-balanced.  We struggle and we work through our challenges.  We work towards the understanding of gifting and welcoming.

             The trick is to notice and appreciate each level, each accomplishment, each individual we connect with.  THOSE are the true measures of success.

             Because, by feeling and honouring our simple gestures and tiny steps, we become more capable of even larger blessings, lessons, and gratitude.

             On our card altar, in validation of the same idea, this draw brings us a perfect affirmation.


“Joy  ~  24

Even just a simple smile can go a long way to spreading joy in our world. Choose to focus more on those things which bring you happiness and you will find you naturally begin to radiate this energy out into all of creation.

The more joy you send out, the more you’ll find you have to be joyful for – this is a law of the universe.


By living with joy, I magically spread light into the hearts of my sisters and brothers everywhere.”

Today’s Deck:

The Oracle Of The Angels by Mario Duguay

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is to make everyone aware of this young woman.


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             Her story is as strong and beautiful as she is, her fight is a good one, in every sense.  She also has a YouTube channel, if that’s how you roll.


4 thoughts on “Gratitude Attitude

  1. It has been an interesting November, and I am not sorry to see the calendar page turn. Three trips to the Rogue Valley (funeral the first weekend, family death the third, memorial service the fourth) and one mid-week trip the second week to Woodland, WA (for a funeral, in which Mrs. Denials’s father drove to Eugene from Crescent City, and I drove him to Woodland so he didn’t have to drive through PDX. He is 82 on Wednesday.) The gawdawful events of November 8th and after (leading to an event of being blocked on the Facebooks by someone that in every other way is a kind and generous man, hurting me surprisingly deeply). Balanced with wonderful time spent with my sister and my father in law, a house full of friends (framily) at Thanksgiving, and celebrating 33 years with my lifemate. Certainly a give and take of a month that I will not be sorry to bid goodbye to.

    1. I’m so sorry you all have to go through this. Loss is nothing but difficult.

      We’ve been looking at ways for the four of us to take some time away from life, one of us will be in touch!

  2. It’s taken me the entire rest of the month to come to terms with the election. I’m still not happy about it, but it happened, and now we have to figure out how to live with it. There are always things to be grateful for, including like-minded friends and bloggers 🙂

    1. Oh, I’m no where near that level of acceptance. Good for you! I’m still denying the obvious and holding out hope for an indictment resulting in long-term prison time and convictions of treason so our real president can be inaugurated, as she was meant to be.

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