Since I’ve been spending a lot of time in a hotel lately (as my potential job), naturally travel has been on my mind.  The ideas of how we move through our lives.  How we ambulate, living our Journey.

             What came to me today was a view and a feeling, all of the layers and aspects of the gifts we receive along the way.

             It’s like a treasure hunt, really.   We’re gathering, we’re learning.  We are also releasing as we go.


             Who we spend our time traveling beside, who our companions on this Adventure are, that matters.

             How we spend out time, leisure, work, recreation, obligatory, this also has great importance and impact.

             As we gather and collect our Tribe around us, what we’re doing together is part of the lesson, part of our learning and growing.  They matter, they have significance, these people and these activities.

              Before each step we take, the Universe wants us to remember, all of this is about the process, the Journey, the collections.

             As a brilliant validation, look what has appeared on our card altar.

in divine order
8 of Wands

             Some of the words I hear when this particular draw shows up are:

Keeping Apace

Everything In Its Time and Place

Divine Order

             This one is so perfect for our message right now.  It’s the suit of inspiration.  It’s the number of infinity.  It’s the very illustration which captures our view of this Journey, through time and space, through living and learning.

             Look at all of the gifts we’ve gathered there!  Our friends, family, loved ones.  Our blessings, our challenges.  All lined up.  In just the most exact order, when and who and where we need at precisely the best time and place.

             This did fall with a bit of a tweak, and that merely tells us that when we’re feeling like maybe the progress has been delayed, it’s okay.  When, where, and with whom…… all will be the most perfectly timed.

Today’s Deck:

Robin Wood Tarot

Today’s Sharing:

is this view from my downstairs November calendar page.

Pull up a chair!
Pull up a chair!

             Look, there’s room for everyone on this porch.  Join me, it’s nice out here.


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