We have a sacred holy day coming up.  Well, more than one, depending on your belief system.  These are days (and nights) which mark a turning of the year, and a leaving behind.

             Setting aside the commercial aspect for now, it’s the death part we will be focusing on.  This is a special and important moment of our life, a cycle to be recognized and paid tribute to.

             It’s a season of remembering, honouring, and acknowledging.  It’s a time for us to

Reach Across.

             We can more easily stretch out and make contact with those who have gone Home before us right now.  It’s the season of back-and-forth.  It’s an occasion to focus on our individual histories, and that of those who brought us to where we are now.

             That honouring of this stop on the Wheel of Time, life to death to new life, is basic and necessary for our day-to-day progress.  For us to Reach Across and thank those who came before us is to know where we are going from here.

             You might have an altar set up, or you may simply speak with them silently in your heard.  However you choose to mark the passing of those we can no longer physically reach out to, the Universe is reminding us that they are never gone, nor lost.  We just contact them in a different way.

             If you celebrate, I wish you a Peaceful Samhain, a Happy Halloween, and a Blessed Dia de los Muertos.  And if you just enjoy the candy, well then, I hope you get the good kind (whatever that means to you).

             I was directed to draw from our Special Occasion cards.  For obvious reasons.


“Dragonfly  ~  6  ~  Illusion

Like the Butterfly, Dragonfly embodies the regenerative powers of rebirth.

After mating, Dragonflies depots their eggs in water, where they hatch and develop into ferocious aquatic larvae before transmuting into adult Dragonflies.  The Dragonfly emerges from a fully aquatic lifestyle to a creature capable of full aerial flight, no longer restricted to the confines of the pond or river into which it initially hatched.

Dragonfly experiences a symbolic death at the midpoint of its life.  After a period of obligatory dormancy the Dragonfly re-emerges as an apparently completely new creature, with deceptively iridescent wings which seem to glisten with the changing light – a transformation Dragonfly is yearning to see you make today.

As children we may be taught values and beliefs that are based on cultural or family tradition and morals which may be simply regarded as outdated in today’s society.  These illusions seem so real, though, that we accept them as our reality.

As we mature, these ways can contradict our self-discovered principles and we learn to adapt them accordingly.  However, depending on how deeply these beliefs are ingrained, sometimes we cannot shake them in order to make way for our own.  When this happens we find ourselves in turmoil because we feel as though we are dishonouring our culture or family by trying to follow our own truth.

If Dragonfly has darted into your cards today, you are being urged to break through self-endorsed limitations which might be hindering your development and growth.  Look at yourself and acknowledge the illusions you may have woven around yourself as a form of protection.

Ask yourself if these illusions were put in place to prevent you from seeing a truth or to prevent others from seeing the real you.  Have you started believing in your own deception, in a falsity created originally to protect your sense of security or self-esteem?

Your view of the world may be restricted by your tainted perception of what is real and what is not and as a result, the view the rest of the world has of you may also be unfairly tainted.”

              I want to add here also, this one can be interpreted as a great reminder of how this very world we are living in, the body we are wearing, the school of life we are attending, is an illusion as well.  So, great validation, once more.

Today’s Deck:

Animal Dreaming Oracle Cards by Scott Alexander King

Today’s Sharing:

is this quote from one of my favorite people.

“To let go does not mean

to get rid of.

To let go means

to let go.

When we let go with compassion, 

things come and go

on their own.”

Jack Kornfield


3 thoughts on “Beyond and Back

  1. I have had a fair number of my friends, or friends of friends have their loved ones called Home recently (and more than a few myself). I think I’ll take some time the next couple days to reach across to some of them (plus my Mom, whose birthday is the 31st.) I also like Dragonfly and their message. I also love the quote; very nice way to look at letting go.

    1. Happy Belated Birthday to Mom. I felt so close to so many of them this week, and received LOADS of messages, too. I have no doubt she was right there along with all the rest! (Could you show me some pictures of her when we see you next time?)

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