We’re going along, la la la, traveling on our path; we think it’s not too terrible.  When, BOOM!

             Something is blocking our way.  There’s an impediment, smack dab in front of us.  We have been stalled, we think.  Thwarted, even!

             This is today’s message.  It’s about the swerve, the detour, and the Road Less Chosen.

             It’s about:


             Is this where we thought we’d be at this point in our lives?  Unlikely.  On the other hand, it’s not the worst spot we could have ended up.

             The Universe would like us to remember that our Journey is just that: an adventure in motion.

             So, wherever the road takes us, that is the correct direction!  Being able to dodge and weave and flexibly maneuver around on our path is precisely the point.

             Go that way, sure! Why not?  It’s okay, if we wander a bit.  That’s our actual purpose.  To explore, to veer off, to learn, and to grow.

             Because this IS where we’re supposed to be, this IS the road we need to travel.  And?  It’s fine.  It’ll all work itself out.  As long as we don’t forget our flexibility, our growth, and our appreciation of the scenery along the way.

             As we return to that beautiful new deck which arrived onto our card altar recently, we’ve been given a lovely and inspiring validation.


“Higher Thought  ~  10

Sometimes in moments of darkness and despair, all it takes to feel better is a decision to lift our thoughts to a higher, more positive place.

Simple actions like seeking the company of an old friend or taking a walk in nature can often help to move us out of a negative perspective, giving us a new vantage point from which to view the current situation.


With my will to work in the light, I lift up my thoughts, to the beauty and simplicity everywhere around me.  I accept, I let go, and I welcome the opportunity to discover the positive side of every situation.”

Today’s Deck:

Oracle of the Angels by Mario Duguay

Today’s Sharing:

is simply to say that as much as I was opposed to voting by mail when our state first adopted it, tonight I was a fan.  Filling in that ballot (early!), sitting with Dan at our kitchen table, was enormously pleasant and satisfying.

#iVoted #ItsOurRightAndPrivilege


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  1. Obstacles are just invitations to do something different. Love this new deck. Haven’t voted yet, but plan to!

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