This week has been a personally challenging one, (the reasons are many).  There are simply aspects of our lives which we worry about and have no control over.  Well, we have no control over ANYthing, really.  But some bits do cause us more stress than others.

             I was certainly searching for something to uplift us all, when I recently came across this illustrator.  As I pondered the displays (and wondered why I was drawn here), it became obvious that we needed to add another selection to our collected works on the altar.

             A few days ago, it arrived.  Perfect timing!  Here’s what the backs look like.

card altar addition
More purple than blue, in real life.

             As I sat with them, listening and shuffling and spreading them around to get their feeling, the first message they sent us arrived.  It’s about hope, and not letting the garbage get us down.

oracle of the angels

“The Eternal Light of Love  ~  25

The eternal light of love permeates everything in existence and fills every atom of our being.  This means light and love are always present in every situation, regardless of whether we can perceive it or not.  

There is love, and even a hidden blessing, within a current situation.


All that is occurring is for your highest good.  Look beyond the surface and appearance of things.


I trust in the eternal light of love which stems from my soul and the heart of all creation.  I trust in the eternal light and love within every situation I find myself in.  I trust in the Divine light.”

             This is an excellent (and auspicious!) reminder, which I will absolutely carry with me in to next week.  (I’ll probably LITERALLY carry the card in my pocket every day……. because, ya know, I’m tactile like that.)

Today’s Deck:

Oracle Of The Angels by Mario Duguay


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    1. Thanks! It’s been really fun to discover more and more about it, since ya know, it just sort of delivered itself to me.

      Happiest of Happy (belated) Birthdays to you. (You were on my mind all day Wednesday.) 😀

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