We’ve all known people who acted in a way we didn’t adore.  Maybe they spent their money on things we wouldn’t have purchased.  Or perhaps they behaved in a manner we felt was not making good decisions.

             It’s frustrating.  It can even be upsetting.  But, it’s also human nature.

             Sure, it might sometimes be cultural, and now we’ve all learned better.  What was once perfectly acceptable is now no longer considered a passable alternative.  We can transform that opportunity into a teaching moment, if appropriate for the situation.

             Today’s message is for us to focus on this idea of power in selection.  The thought that, we can choose any and all options, and so can everyone else.  Because, we all have

Free Will

             We all have choices.  We are all able to cast our votes, disperse our earnings, select our groceries, wear our clothing in the way that we see fit, in the way that suits us the best.  As is everyone.

             The truth is, our spiritual Free Will guarantees that we can all worship, pray, meditate, study, or do nothing, any way that makes sense to us.

             It is not up to our neighbor, our parents, our bosses, our children, our partners, nor a stranger on the street, to tell us what to do.  And yet, it does happen sometimes.

             Exercising our Free Will, we may ignore them, if we like.  We don’t have to listen.  And, it’s good to remember, no one has to listen to us.

             All anyone really has to do is be true to her or his own beliefs, own heart, and our very own genuine self.

             When we see the beauty and truth in this simple Universal Law, we also see joy, and happy results.  Just like on our card altar right now.  What a terrific validation.

free will

“Problem Resolved

Card Meaning:

‘An issue that’s been bothering you is being healed behind the scenes.  The solution is creative, ingenious, and is a joyous surprise for you.’

You are on the cusp of experiencing welcome relief from a problem that’s been bothering you.  The fairies want you to know that you have reason to smile, as the Universe is working on a solution which is so creative you’ll chuckle with delight.  Basically, it’s win-win for everyone.

You’ll soon be receiving good news . . . . .

Please don’t strain to figure out ‘how’ this solution will be achieved, or in what form it will manifest.  Instead, let yourself enjoy feelings of excitement and gratitude as you allow heaven to help you.


I ask that all negative effects of mistakes and misunderstandings be undone, both in the past and present.”

Today’s Deck:

Healing With The Fairies Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

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5 thoughts on “Opportunities For Discernment

  1. Your first paycheck? So you got the job? A job? Whatever, YAY! good for you! ⭐

    I tend to avoid craft shows ’cause I have the willpower of a gnat. (I want that ‘n that ‘n that ‘n…..) If I go, I leave the credit card at home (it was much easier before craft vendors started taking credit cards) and limited cash. I really, really like old or ‘old looking’ stuff. And I’m a total sucker for tea things. And……well, you get the idea.

    Sounds like you had a really good time! 😀

    1. Yep, I did get the job. New hotel (I’ll be Front Desk), excellent location, great hours (eventually, once the building is complete), not terrific pay, but better than NO pay. Only two people who aren’t the best, and some uniform issues. But, it’ll all sort itself out. 😉

  2. Congratulations on the job!!! I hope it is very enjoyable!!! I worked front desk at a hotel for a while, graveyard shift…. But it was a very NOT new hotel… It was a very haunted hotel…. Remember the Indian Island massacre terrible terrible thing I sent you a link to ages ago?… Well apparently this was where the guys gathered & came back to afterwards. It was a very not-fun place to be alone in the middle of the night! But I met an awesome friend there, so that was a win! And yours is a bright & shiny new hotel, so YAY!!!

    And, wow, what the card said… That just happened today, exactly!!! So YAY again!!!

    1. First, don’t worry about missing a few posts, there are no mistakes, everything truly does happen when it’s supposed to. 😉

      And B) this hotel may be brand new, but the site has some history. For over 107 years, a mortuary sat there. So…… the hauntings may have already begun. What’s gone on there during construction has made more than a few folks go “hmmmmm” due to unexplainableness.

      It’s always a joy to hear from you. You’ve been in my thoughts a lot lately, so we must be connecting psychically. (Not for the first, nor last, time.)

      1. Well… The parallels between us continue! I guess they’re going to need you there more than they currently realize!

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