Recently I came across a hashtag* I’d never seen before.

*On social media sites, this is a word or phrase preceded by a hash or pound sign (#) and used to identify messages on a specific topic.

             It’s not shocking that this was new to me.  I’m on the interwebz, but not of the interwebz, if you know what I mean.  I don’t see much, but I also probably miss more.

             This one though, it jumped out at me. (#LoseHateNotWeight)  It reminded me of my particular journey, then it stayed with me, resonating (in a sharp and defined tone) with today’s message.

             A few years ago I removed all numbers from my physicality.  They didn’t belong there (for me, personally), they don’t need to be associated with anything body-related.  They are a false and defeating construct.  I let them go.

             As I work my way through this eating disorder and adventuring in mental health navigation, I learn and stumble, I struggle and succeed.  It’s chaotic, but it’s where I am now.

             And that’s what the Universe wants to remind us.  Where we are now.


             We’ve discussed it before, and no doubt, we’ll do so again.  On this occasion though, the suggestion is to keep up with our our Be Here Now attitude.

             When we accept, we don’t necessarily acquiesce.  We do not become doormats.  Rather, this action is the reverse of that.  We stand in our strength, claiming our power; being our whole, true, and genuine self.  It’s a badge of pride, this Acceptance.

             We’re saying to the world, “yep, this is me, and I’m awesome!

             If someone else has a problem with our declaration (or any other thing about us), clearly, this is the problem of that particular someone else.  Not us.

             It’s simple, but not easy.  Like so many life lessons.  On our card altar is a lovely validation, and a nice, gentle way to arrive at our Acceptance.


“Existence  ~  1  ~  Major Arcana

This naked figure sits on the lotus leaf of perfection, gazing at the beauty of the night sky.  She knows that ‘home’ is not a physical place in the outside world, but an inner quality of relaxation and acceptance.

The stars, the rocks, the trees, the flowers, fish, and birds – all are our brothers and sisters in this dance of life.  We human beings tend to forget this, as we pursue our own private agendas and believe we must fight to get what we need.

But ultimately, our sense of separateness is just an illusion, manufactured by the narrow preoccupation of the mind.

Now is the time to look at whether you are allowing yourself to receive the extraordinary gift of feeling ‘at home’ wherever you are.  If you are, be sure to take time to savor it so it can deepen and remain with you.

If, on the other hand, you have been feeling like the world is out to get you, it’s time to take a break.  Go outside tonight and look at the stars.”

Today’s Deck:

Osho Zen Tarot

Today’s News in Channeling:

is to say that I have been getting more and more (urgent!) nudges about my own cards.

             There is more than one oracle deck inside of me, trying desperately to get out.  We’ve been talking about it here for a very long time.  I know that once the exact right illustrator is made known to me, we’ll be on the road to publication.

             It’s time to start the search for that person, or persons.  If you know someone who draws or creates visual art, send them my way.  These decks are becoming anxious.


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