It feels as if I’ve applied to a million jobs over a gazillion warm and sweaty days.  During that time, summer faded, and began to disappear.  We let go of family members.  September showed up.  We marked anniversaries.  Calendar pages continued to flip over.

             Our message today is about that process.  We might reflect on where time went, glancing back over our shoulder, appreciating each of the days we had in the company of those we love.  It’s our choice, it’s up to us how we view our yesterdays.

             Here’s what I heard, and experienced as the information came in:

Swim Free

             Much like a lesson of Release, the Universe is reminding us that nothing is holding us back.  Everything moves and we always have options.

             If our momentum seems delayed, is it due to the need for an attitude adjustment?  Or is there some physical action step we are capable of taking but simply haven’t, yet?

             Allowing ourselves to feel the flow of time and change and movement, proceeding effortlessly along/flowing with (never against) the River of Life, is a freedom which our culture fears.

             Societal constraints keep us shackled to beliefs that are just plain wrong.  And, even worse, harmful to our souls.

             Let go and Swim, is the divine suggestion now.  As we transition to the next part of the year, the next chapter of our lives, and the next portion of our spiritual journey, let’s move as if through water at a healing pace we feel is appropriate, appreciating all that passes by while honouring all that has gone before.

             We don’t compare our experiences to another, we claim this adventure for our own.

             To keep us inspired, appearing on our card altar is the most perfect messenger.

swim free

“Salmon  ~  Bradan  (pronounced as Bratan)  ~

Wisdom, Inspiration, Rejuvenation

 The card shows a salmon leaping toward a filbert that is falling from one of the nine trees of wisdom which grow beside the sacred pool.  The Ogham sign for Reed – Ngetal – is carved on one of the nuts hanging near the water.

Bradan is revered as extremely sacred in the Druid tradition; it is the Oldest Animal, and it offers us wisdom and inspiration.  Often with great difficulty, Salmon will return to the place of its birth to mate.

To find wisdom, we too need to recapitulate our lives, to journey in consciousness back to our beginnings – to our childhood and perhaps beyond to our very origins in God and Goddess.

Bradan brings not only wisdom but youthfulness and inspiration, but remember that to find these things you must maintain an attitude of openness and innocence rather than strong-headed determination.”

Today’s Deck:

The Druid Animal Oracle by Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm, illustrated by Bill Worthington

Today’s Question:

is computer related.  I’ve had this mouse for years, and replaced the batteries when necessary.  A few days ago it began misbehaving.  Should I buy a new one because it’s just worn out?

             The details are: it’s wireless and made by Logitech, if that matters to you.  I turned it on one day, and it was like a dial had been cranked to maximum setting.  The “touchiness” of it has been ramped up a thousand times.  I can’t just single click any more, everything comes out like I’m dancing my fingers all over the buttons.

             It’s annoying as fuck.  Suggestions, ideas, recommendations?


5 thoughts on “Ebb and Flow and Motion

  1. I ‘guess’ this message is applicable. (grump, grump) My brother is bad and ‘letting go’ and ‘accepting’ just is so not on my list. *sigh*

    As for your mouse, my IT guy says first go to your control panel on your computer and see if your mouse settings got screwed up. If not, then your optics(LED) is probably going on the mouse. He says just toss and buy a new one. You can get them fairly cheap these days.

      1. The IT guy says, NOT settings! Control Panel! (IT people are very literal) He doesn’t know where it is if you have Apple, but if you’re running Windows, you click on the world/flag window icon (my computer it’s lower left on my task bar) (it’s where you find your shut down button) and there is a list of stuff over top of the ‘shut down’ button. In there you should find ‘control panel’. Click on that and go through the lists till you find ‘mouse’ and double click on that and do what you will with your mouse. You can even set the buttons to do different things. But if you find the sensitivity isn’t at the highest setting, then it’s time to get a new one. Apparently the led’s in these things get squirrely as they age.

        1. Before the forced upgrade of Windows10, I could go right there, the way you described. But now….. um, there’s some other things to click on, none of them sound like this anymore. (Also, they are useless, these other things. And does “Windows10” sound right? I’m not sure what the upgrade was all about, but it changed shit, and I didn’t ask for it.)

          1. After the IT guy got done snickering about your forced upgrade (he’s a smart ass), he showed me two ways to find the control panel in Windows 10 depending on your screen.

            Bring up your task bar if it’s not locked in the on position and if you have 4 slightly crooked squares/flags together (they’re the same as the ‘flags’ on the old windows only no circle around them and not colored) then click on that and it will give you a list with ‘control panel’ in it. Or, if you have a ‘search web or windows’ box then you can type ‘control panel’ into it and it should come up.

            After you click on ‘control panel’, look at what comes up. If you’re lucky, it’s a couple of columns of all the computer ‘stuff’and you just click on ‘mouse’. But if it’s just some big boxes with title kind of stuff, look up to the right above them for ‘catagories’ and click on it. It should give you a choice between ‘large icons’ and ‘small icons’. Click on one of those and the columns of stuff should come up.

            (Good grief there is sooooo much stuff I know zip about on this machine I read on every day. Yikes!)

            Good luck!

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