We haven’t talked about perception in a while.  It’s time.  Again.  To address that topic.

             Partly this is about the Attitude of Gratitude, but also it’s about conditioning.  We’ve been taught to think that some things are “better” than others.  Even when this is absolutely not the case.

             Here’s what I woke up hearing and singing:

Bright Sunshiny Day

             Where I live, we are in the middle of a very dramatic (and painful) heat wave.  (And by “in the middle of” everyone is hoping that I actually mean DEARGAWD LET IT END TODAY!)  The weather right now, is serious.

             A “bright” type of forecast is not always what I, in particular, would like for my day.  Personally, I’d prefer something that’s cooler, dimmer, more misty, and not even so “day” at all.  My favorite hours are dusk, sunset, night-times.  (Mornings are simply too sharp.)

             In our cultural parlance though, Sunshine-y is positive.  Am I wrong in my choices, or are those who prefer otherwise?  Neither.  Obviously.  It’s all in how we observe.  It’s all in how we are trained, raised.  It’s also in our hearts and emotions.

             There’s so many examples of this thought process, all around us.  When we dwell on the “negatives” (or what we’ve always been told is in the bad category), we miss out on merely having the experience of them.

             We have been conditioned to see clouds as a problem.   But, if they bring rain during a drought, isn’t that exactly what we need?  Also, like the song, then we get the rainbow.

             We need all of it, both, a variety of days and nights and temperatures and adventures.  That way, we see every direction/phase/lesson as worthwhile, necessary with diversity and appreciation for the whole.

             I was drawn straight away to this selection on our card altar.  Not an image I adore, but the messages continue, and that’s where we need to focus.


“Baboon  ~

In love and declarations of passion heartfelt communication is key.

Sublime Baboon, adept of love, wears her heart on her sleeve.  Baboon does not pretend.  Her passions and shows of affection are genuine, her reactions without artifice, so you may believe the ardent declarations of others.

Truthful, heartfelt communications and open expression of feelings are what matter now in your relationships if, like Baboon, you seek lasting love.

Hiding your emotions will leave others unsure of your intentions and reluctant to reveal their feelings, which can only lead to misunderstandings and sadness.”

             Read that one more time, “misunderstandings and sadness.”  There’s a shit-ton of planetary movement currently going on.  Be careful and be direct.  See the lesson, see the beauty.

Today’s Deck:

Animal Messages Oracle Cards by Susie Green

Today’s Sharing:

includes two spots to read up on what’s happening.  HERE and HERE are great jumping off points.  If you find any others which might be helpful, be sure to share in the comments.   Knowledge is Power!


4 thoughts on “See?

  1. Interesting thoughts on days and times of days and weather. I apparently exist to help balance out your Universe. I really enjoy the warm to hot weather (made possible by the escape afforded by a heat pump which cools our house nicely) and have been known to bask in the shade of the deck on hot days. I also enjoy the dawn and day, and dusk and night. I think I like the transitions the most. Seasonally, the only season I like better than the one we’re in now is the one that will come next. One of the most moving gif files I’ve seen was time lapse of the earth, taking 4 seconds to reflect a year. With the advance and retreat of the snow and ice, it looks like the earth is breathing.

    Baboon, though… Bear must ponder.

  2. Off topic – I just have to share my latest addiction, Explore.org. OMG, more live cams than you can shake a stick at. Of interest to you would be the cams in Hawaii. There are two in Oahu set up so you can watch the sunrise and the sunset over the ocean. And there are underwater ocean cams. And whales in Alaska cams. I love watching the bears in Alaska fishing on the river. And, OH!, in about 1/2 hour (11 pm my time) I will watch the sun come up at a watering hole in Africa. Too bad I’m not rich. I could have a TV in every room hooked to a different cam. Of course, if I was rich, I could just go there. 😀

    1. When those cameras first began appearing, I followed several of them. I’ve gotten out of the habit, thanks for reminding me, I’ll go look them up again!

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