Today’s post is dedicated to my father-in-law, who went Home on Wednesday morning.  (That would be the exact same day my best friend Karen left us four years ago, for those of you playing along at home and keeping score of the bizarre-ness which is my life.)

             He was a guy devoted to his family before all else.  Sure, in some ways he was also a man of his generation, but he learned as he aged. No matter what I was reading or writing or doing, he was interested.  He told me once, “send me anything.  I might not understand all of it, but I’ll sure try.”

             He became even more compassionate (if that’s possible) once the grandkids started showing up.  He was lucky enough to have three children, who brought him twice that many more.  As an only child, this meant a great deal.

             We’ll all miss him, hell, we already do!  But we’ll also remember what an amazingly loving influence he was on us, each in our own way.

Family First
Family First

             Just, do me a favor, hug the ones you love.  Because, even though we know where we’re all going and things are fine, it’s still difficult and painful.

Today’s Sharing:


             Go HERE and see what I’m talking about.  Then, go find the book.  I got mine from our library, but I will be purchasing a copy (or 3) as soon as I’m able to.  That way I can hand them out to those in need.

             (Once you’ve read it, come back here and tell me what you think, and better yet, how your mind has been blown and how you are now going to change some things.  Because that’s what this book does, it gets in your head and makes your rethink shit.)

Late Note:

as I was getting up and going today, we had to deal with THIS.  That vehicle was being driven by my father, mom in the passenger seat.  Her purse (with most of their money), their best coats, his prescription sunglasses, all the groceries, and both their phones went up in the blaze.  (Also a bunch more stuff in the back, they are still trying to figure out what is gone.  It’s a lot.)

             We just need this week to be over now.

Edited To Add:

Go HERE to see the news report; Hanna has set up an e-mail address so folks who want to reach out can get in touch with her to help them.


             Or, if Twitter is easier



5 thoughts on “Safe Travels, and thanks for everything……

  1. Oh my word, what a challenging week. I’m so sorry for the loss of your father-in-law, although it sounds like there’s lots to celebrate in his life. And how awful for your parents! that must have been terrifying! let us know if there’s a fundraiser or something to help them out. (also, I’m putting that book in my library queue right now.)

  2. Holy freakin’ crap! Car fires are nothing to mess with. SOOOOOO glad your folks are okay!

    And sorry for the loss of your father-in-law. Give Dan and the kids some extra hugs from me.

    And here are some for you – {{{{{HUGS}}}}}

  3. OK, Universe, you can stop shitting on the Olsen’s right now. OK? Thank you. I’m glad that 536+ has gone Home, and is out of pain. I am sorry for the family’s loss, and have done as directed, and connected with my family. How can we help your folks? That just sucks.

  4. I’ll be on the news this afternoon, and will send out a link when it’s up and aired, for now Hanna has set up an e-mail address so folks who want to reach out can get in touch with her to help them.

    (I forgot to put it in the body of this post, but will be doing that now.)

    or reach out through Twitter if that’s easier:


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