In children, being stubborn is looked upon as a bad thing, a character defect we need to correct.  But as an adult, we’re praised for our determination.

             What the Universe wants us to pay attention to right now has to do with that stick-to-it-ness, that steadfast tenacity.  The attitude of persistence is where we need to be aiming our energy.

All night long 

(go ahead and sing it with me, won’t you?)

             It’s about perseverance, not giving up just before the miracle.  It’s about replacing our fear with faith.  (Or whatever solid positive belief works best for you.)

             It’s about being the best we can be, for the long haul.  Admittedly, that’s not easy.  What can make it more tolerable though, is to see how very important it is.  How valuable staying on our path is.  A gentle reminder, like in meditation, bringing it back to center.

             When we go forward with intent, with honesty, with lovingkindness, we tend to make excellent progress.  On the other hand, all of us can do with a bit of a rest.

             No one is asking us to work our selves into exhaustion.  Downtime and Self-Care is PART of staying on course.  It’s PART of our journey.

             The key here is to not let the “fuck it, I give up” feelings overwhelm us to the point of despair.  Because I promise you, we’ve all been in that sinking boat.

             Acknowledge it, then, let it go.  On our card altar is another pretty helpful way of looking at this message; perseverance and perspective, together they seem to be a winning combination.

all night long

“God of Reflections  ~

‘The qualities you see in others are simply your own reflection.’

You are possibly giving away your power because you might fail to recognise and honour the many wondrous qualities that you possess.

The qualities you so admire in others are simply reflections of the same attributes within yourself.  Yet often, you falsely believe that others are better than you in some way.  It is now time to let go of this belief and allow your beauty, talent, and creativity to shine through.

From now on, every time you see beauty in another, let it serve to remind you of your own beauty.  If you recognise success in another, check to see how success also exists within you, and so on.

As your perceptions are brought into balance, you become a more effective force in the world and have more impact on those around you.  

By acknowledging all the beautiful qualities that you already possess, you open the door to an endless stream of abundance and blessings which stem from the heart of creation.”

Today’s Deck:

Angels, Gods, and Goddesses Oracle Cards by Tony Carmine Salerno

Today’s Sharing:

is to remind everyone what fun a Skype reading with me is.  I adore being able to see faces and hear voices, so festive and personal!


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