Are you all familiar with the concept of repeated numbers?  That they are a sign?  That when we see them, when they just keep popping up (on phones, on clocks, on roadmarkers, on mileage, and gauges) over and over, it’s obviously something very special and important?  Yes?  Great!

             (If not, and the answer to that question was “no” then I’d recommend you go a-googlin’ for more specific info, there’s LOTS out there.  I just looked, and got plenty, too many to link to.)

             I’ve been involved in some truly inspirational readings recently, and this week has been particularly loud, as far as signs go (the occurrence of those numbers was right up there at the top of my list).

             What we do with this information, the symbols, the messages, the signs is where our focus will be directed.  Here is what I heard:


             To take raw ingredients, and then to produce something new out of those combined bits and pieces is our goal.  We are to create.  We are to craft.  We are to Manifest.

             And we’re all pretty good at it, too.  It just happens that sometimes what we’re bringing in to play is not always what we wanted.  It simply happens to be what we’re thinking about.

             Is our mind on the positive and the joyful?  Or is it on the negative and sad?  Of course we must honour our feelings, all of them.  And we must acknowledge what is in the world.  What we don’t need to do is to stay there.

             We can steer our journey onto a more fruitful and productive path by coming back to Grace, by returning always to lovingkindness, to actively seeing the miracles and blessings around us, instead of dwelling in the rage and the fear.

             Another point, along this same road, comes from who showed up on our card altar.


“Magpie  ~  38  ~  Balance

Magpie is the bringer of balance, the yin-yang of the bird world, an agent of awareness, the embodiment of ‘the opposites that are equal’ and the force that champions the attainment and correct use of esoteric knowledge.

She demonstrates that spiritual knowledge, and the power that comes with it, must be approached with a committed, objective mindset.  It cannot be attained overnight, or bought with money.

Information gleaned during a weekend workshop, for example, can only be considered a foundation on which real learning, learning that comes with experience and practice, takes place.  True wisdom must be deserved.  It must be gathered over a lifetime of study and embraced as a way of life.  It must become a path of the heart, explored with absolute devotion.

Before questing for spiritual attainment, for example, we must first dedicate ourselves to becoming a whole person; a process that involves surrendering our familiar self to Spirit, so that our authentic self, hidden deep within, can emerge reborn.

We must be prepared to face our fears and conquer them and turn our weaknesses into strengths and our darkest hours into gifts of power.  In becoming a whole person we embark on an expedition to reclaim inner balance and authority and, in doing so, find ourselves stepping out of our comfort zone into the unknown.

Magpie is a doorkeeper to the other realms; a guardian who lets only those wiling to honour the sacred balance between the good and bad, light and dark, feminine and masculine, in all things to explore her world.

If Magpie has swooped into your cards today, you are being guided to a place of awareness.  You are being shown how to better understand the innate marriage between the opposites that are equal, and the duality of all things.  You are being primed for a deepening of purpose and a broadening of perception.

Magpie’s arrival heralds an obligatory confrontation of fears, the reshuffling of thoughts, review of values, and a loosening up of everything that has offered sustenance and strength up until now.

It means being ready to walk a path of the heart to find a place of inner freedom; a quest for a better understanding of the poise that resides within you and everything in Nature.”

Today’s Deck:

(in celebration of our longest day) is Animal Dreaming Oracle Cards by Scott Alexander King

Today’s Sharing:

is very much about who I am.  It’s difficult for me to find movies and books I like, let alone REALLY like.  So when I do, it’s a big damn deal.

             Listen to the video below, and then, find a way to watch the film it comes from.  (I highly recommend it, and that’s sayin’ something!)

             (You can thank me later, I’ll be right here.)


4 thoughts on “Material / Ethereal

  1. Funny that I had never even heard of that movie. Went a-googlin’ and found out it was one of those love it or hate it movies and wasn’t widely advertised. Gotta love the avoidance of controversy that might make you think a little bit. I’ll have to look around and see if I can find this anywhere.

  2. “acknowledge what is in the world, but you don’t have to stay there”. FABULOUS and timely reminder for me! And I like what Magpie brings to the table. Food for thought, on many levels.

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