Ready for something a bit different?  Good, here’s where we’re going.

             As many of you know, I have some struggles, lessons in this lifetime which are my own personal challenges.  It’s a funny thing, being a person who helps for a living.

             Your situations?  I can see them all day long.  Your questions?  I can answer them with no trouble and no delay.  However, when it comes to MY shit?  Yeah, that’s a whole ‘nother level of ….. well, let’s just say we all need to ask for aid.

             Here is who I recently reached out to.  And this is what we discovered.

             Go visit Vera and Christina (HERE) to learn more about their work.  And if some of those images seem familiar, they are.  I’ve connected to their place before, and have several pieces of art here at home.

             Be sure to check out more of their videos HERE.

             Next week, we return to our regular format.  Thank you all, for understanding that this is the direction we needed to go right now.


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  1. That was interesting! Thanks for posting it, and sharing your stories. (because, there isn’t, like, only one story)

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