A healthy and well-balanced ecosystem is self-sustaining.  We find this in nature when all is as it should be.  We also find it in our lives when we’re truly living to our soul’s potential.

             The Universe wants us to be aware of that give-and-take right now.  And how no organism stands alone, no plant nor animal lives without the basic needs being met, no relationship can grow and flourish without:


             In a family, in a tribe, in a pack, in a pod, in any collection or assemblage there is that valuable of dynamic of upholding.  When one is in need, there are others to bring aid, to lend a hand.  When one requires assistance, the others fill in, pick up the slack.

             It is important to remember, no matter whether you are the person who asks or the person who gives, both sides must be in balance.  We cannot function properly, cannot succeed, with guilt or regret over which side we may be on.

             Next time, the roles will be reversed, giving and receiving in the other direction; this interaction goes both ways, when it’s balanced.   Reciprocity, at its very best, in its most basic state, is the goal.

             Here is what we are going to look at (and perhaps meditate on?) for this post.  I’ll explain more later, but for now, please enjoy this gifted image (which was presented at my feet when I least expected it).


             And don’t forget, the elements and factions which make (and maintain) a healthy environment depend on Support, from every angle, coming from mutual honesty and genuine caring.

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5 thoughts on “Maintaining

    1. Nope, significantly inland. Emergency family trip. Everyone’s fine, and we’re home again. This shot was from a fresh water shore.

      1. I’ll take even an inland beach! 😀 I really should hit the lake at the state park soon. (Though I really would love a trip to the ocean.)

        Sooooo glad that everyone’s okay. How nice that you were able to take a few moments by the water.

  1. Glad that you’ve traveled there and back safely, and that all is well. Sounds like you were the helpers this time around.

    We are back safe and sound (if somewhat jet-lagged) and ready to return to a normal life.

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