At first glance, today’s message of Self-Care might sound like yet another lecture on an already overly-discussed hot-button topic.  But it’s not, I promise.

             What I heard this afternoon has layers.  And there’s a depth to this one which needs some time and space to fully understand, to fully sink in.

             This is what the Universe wants us to focus on right now:

Me Time

             It doesn’t have to be a get-away spa weekend, although if that’s an option for you, absolutely don’t turn it down.

             For many of us though, it’s more internal.  It’s more like spiritual pampering, soul-based special handling instructions.

             Being true to how we are is beyond valuable.  Being honest with what works, and what just never, ever does, is an important lesson for seeing our genuine selves.

             We are so many versions of the Me person; we wear so many hats.  It’s unfair to try and jam us into ready-made slots and ill-fitting categories, none of which will ever be the right size.

             To be our true and sacred selves, to give ourselves the gift of Time, is to authentically honour the Divine spark inside of us all.  Allowing ourselves the individual freedom and peace (in the form of Self-Care, Me Time, spa weekend, or merely hiding in a bathroom), is as necessary for our soul as food is for our body.

             And when you read about who came to visit on our card altar, keep in mind that doing for others begins at home, it must start with our Me self, and then ripple out.

high lord

“The High Lord of Gratitude and Service  ~  2

selflessness, humility, conscious action

The High Lord of Gratitude and Service has arrived to help you find your true purpose today.  Feeling gratitude for each moment you experience, and loving what is and what has been, will remind you that every breath you take holds a deep and profound awareness.

Through small actions and selfless service to another, you are automatically placed upon your highest path, whether you’re immediately aware of it or not.  The presence of this Ally lets you know that you are on the correct path to fulfilling your desire.

You’re also notified that your actions of service and attitude of gratitude will yield riches beyond your wildest dreams, as long as those riches aren’t the goal you have in mind.  Giving service with no thought of return is what’s required of you today.

This would also be a good time to write a list reminding yourself of all the things in your life and the world around you that you have to be grateful for.

If your question refers to a relationship, let gratitude be your guide.  Be thankful for all you learn from this person.  Truly, there are no friends and no enemies, just teachers along life’s journey.

Be grateful for the laughter and even for the tears.  The attitude of gratitude is a magnet for true love in all forms.”

Today’s Deck:

Wisdom Of The Hidden Realms Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid

Today’s Sharing:

is to say that this post totally would have been up about 3 hours earlier, had my ancient and decrepit laptop not decided it needed an auto-update, of which I did not request.

             Seems all good to go now, though.  So, I’ll say thank you and be grateful.


2 thoughts on “Core Conscientiousness

  1. Gotta love those auto updates! 😀 I actually got asked by Skype to do an update here and I said okay, but two minutes later it wanted to shut down everything that was running on the computer to do it. So I cancelled the update. And Skype just shut the whole Skype thing down. GRRRRRR. This would qualify for Mercury Retrograde, doncha think? 😀

    Yep, my Me self is definitely getting neglected. It would be sooooo wonderful if I could just twinkle my nose and stop the world for, say, like, a week. 😀 I’m sooooo looking forward to my birthday trip to the zoo if the weather will just cooperate!

    It’s also a good reminder to get back to my Gratitude Journal. I think it’s been like 10 days since I last wrote in it, and it’s been hit and miss for several months now. I’ve been kinda cranky.

    Thanks for the love and healing. My brother survived his first experimental drug treatment. Apparently this drug can send you into shock and kill you on the spot. But like he said, he’ll die anyway. *just shaking my head here*

    1. When my beloved best friend Karen was going through trial drugs (and they did buy her an extra few years) she said something similar. It was difficult to just smile and listen. I know though, that every time a new medication or treatment is tested, it saves lives, or in her case, extends it for a bit longer. And ya know, we’ll take all that we can get. Sending him healing light and blessings. And to you as well!

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