There are industries based and created on linking us with each other, and all the world.  Phones, internet, media, mail, every avenue of communication, old and new.

              To say in touch, we have a bounty of choices.  But, what happens when one selection we depend on fails?  What happens when we have lost that connectivity, in a spiritual sense?

               Where do we turn?  And, a bigger question, do we need to go outside of ourselves at all?

              Yes, actually it is in our best interest to reach out.  Not right away maybe, but none of us can exist entirely without some sort of linking to others.

             That’s what the Universe would like to remind us.  The reason we stay bound, one to the other, is that we are, on a soul level, all One.


              We have our tribe, our Team, our partners, our clan, our co-workers, our neighbors, our community, our friends and family.  We need never be left alone.    (Unless, we want to, and that’s also a valid choice.)

              What the most important part to remember is, we’ve always been connected!  We were never apart from those who care.  We were created as a whole and unified body of wonderfulness and hope.

             We continue to be together, and supported, and One.  It’s just that sometimes, we feel cut off.  Or adrift.  It’s all an illusion, though, that severing.

              We truly DO have enough support.  And enough of everything to get us through whatever lesson we were optimistic enough to chart for ourselves.

              To go along with hope and guidance, we also have this draw on our card altar.  We are strong enough!


“Courage  ~

Take the leap.

Your courage will see you through.”

              And, you are never doing it alone.  Don’t forget that.  (It’s a lesson for us all.)

Today’s Deck:

Self-Care Oracle Cards by Cheryl Richardson

Today’s Sharing: 

is this view from my upstairs calendar page.

Ram Daas
May 2016

“The quieter you become, 

the more you can hear.”

Ram Daas

              Quiet, and strong.  We can do this.  I know we can.


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