All this “working” has cut in to my reading hours.  But, there are weekends.  I’m grabbing those for all they’re worth right now.

             In fact, I spent some time earlier with Amy Poehler‘s book Yes, Please.  That’s when today’s message arrived.  It came in the form of a chapter heading.  And it sang to me.

Like Who Likes You

              This immediately began to resonate within me.  And that feeling just continued to grow.  It told me stories and it called out to us all.

             Self-Care is vital, this we know.  All of us have to begin from within.  As we then ripple outwards, we move that lovingkindness attention to our loved ones.  They are our Tribe, our support system, and our very foundation.

              You all know how I feel about forced and fake holidays.  I ignore them as much as I’m able.  It would be a much better idea to celebrate and honour those folks who honour us in an honest and spontaneous way.

             To show the people who care about us, how much we care about them, in a natural and generous and individual fashion is the suggestion.  To do it without purchased extras could be a goal (although, store-bought gifts can be lovely and thoughtful, too).  We could easily reach out with a text, a phone call, or a simple hand-written note.

             What the Universe wants us to remember is that we are never alone.  We have a foundation of spiritual and physical support that is very real and very necessary.  When we acknowledge this, it helps us all.  The ripple continues; our journey, ever spiraling upward.

             On our card altar, in validation, is this perfect small addition.  Like frosting on a cupcake, or some funny hat on a cute pet, this draw makes our message complete.

sylvia browne

“Simplicity  ~

The simpler we can keep life, the happier we are.

Sometimes, in this age of noise and negative news, it’s not easy to do.  

Shut off the electronics, communicate with your love ones, and stick close together.”

Today’s Deck:

Heart and Soul Oracle Cards by (the late) Sylvia Browne

Today’s News:

is to announce that my Wee Walnut is alive and well.  As you may recall, it went to rest in a barn.  That was November of 2012.  Circumstances change, we evolve and move in new directions; things are different now.

the car of the people
1973 Super Beetle

                       The Deputy and I have been making plans.  I’ll keep you posted.   In the meantime, if you’re local, watch for me.  I’m out there.  On the road again…….


5 thoughts on “Encouragement, both ways.

  1. Speaking of your Wee Walnut, it occurred to me that we haven’t heard anything about your daily bike wanderings. And no spring pics! Are you still biking? Or has the job sent that to the curb as well? Hope all is well with you.

    1. No bike, no pool, no yoga, no wanderings, no nuthin’ except to go work, come home slightly before midnight. Get up the next day and do it again. 😦

  2. I am glad the Wee Walnut rides again, and I look forward to hearing what you and the Deputy are up to. We’d like to either have you two over for a grill fest, or to meet somewhere and have dinner and catch up. We like you!

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