In my mundane daily life, the job training has transitioned into just the job.  It was sprung on us early, like a scary and unexpected premature birth.  We were also handed* our lay-off notices.  I have one month of employment.

*This didn’t occur on the same day, or even the same week, but it did happen one announcement right after the other.

             As with anything, there’s a Good News/Bad News quality about it all.  An aspect which, while filled with uncertainty, isn’t all that different from how many of us have lived and survived for a very long time.

             And that’s also what our message reminds us.

The Gift of Perspective

             (Side note: I had written this post, or rather, let my pen coast across the recycled envelopes I use for taking rough notes while I receive a channeled reading, well before I’d walked through the door of our card altar room.  When I did see who had appeared there….. well, you know how I feel about “coincidental” situations.)

             Much like The Hanged Man in Tarot, we are being asked to view our current situation from an alternate perspective.  Upside-down?  From the eyes of another?  With the filter of lovingkindness?

            Yes, all of those.  No matter how we choose to get that differing angle, we need to see what’s positive here.  Dwelling on the negative (or full-on-panic-derived-from-fear) will only make us feel bad.

             And if that’s the way we go, we might miss out on opportunities which present themselves.  (Presents!)

              Speaking of, here’s where else our view needs to be directed.


“The Lady of the Gift  ~  20  ~

generosity, receiving, withholding

The Lady of the Gift brings a message of tithing.  To be your Ally, she requires you to look at the nature and method of your giving to others.  The world is your church, and you only need to distribute 10 percent of your wealth to others to ensure that the flow continues.

Yet, this doesn’t necessarily mean giving money away, nor does it imply a direct action of charity, even though the tradition of tithing is material.  In fact, the kind of tithing the Lady asks of you isn’t tangible or material at all.

She is asking you to look at all human beings as important in the Divine scheme of things and show others that you believe in them, as well as yourself.

Pay attention to how you treat people (including yourself here, too); and be mindful of your perception, even of seemingly “poor” strangers.  If you see others as successful and abundant, and act as if you believe that they have value, blessings all around are assured.

Your belief in others has greater value than you can fathom.  This alone guarantees your success long-term.

Remember that you can only keep what you’re willing to give.”

Today’s Deck:

Wisdom Of The Hidden Realms Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid

Today’s Sharing:

is a place I’ve recently sent one of my far-away friends.  He also has a long (and potentially soul-sucking) commute.  I was thinking of how that time, the minutes we can’t do anything but be in transit, is like a gift we don’t realize we’ve been given.

             So, go HERE and read this article, or any of the others (there’s a menu in the top right corner of that page).  They are all a bit different, but each one is uplifting in its own soft and caring way.

             If you ever get a chance to hear Jack speak, on a recording, podcast, video, or live, you’ll be given the additional treat of being able to read everything after that in his voice.  It’s distinctive and enormously soothing.


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  1. So sorry to hear about your job. After all your work! Perhaps someone wants you to be free for something better to come.

    Perspective is a hard thing to take hold of sometimes. I’m working on it, but no where near ‘got it’. Thanks for the reminder!

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