If you are a person who follows any of the places where Doreen shows up on social media, you’ll know that for the past few days the theme of her readings has been exactly what our draw is right now.  This is precisely the type of validation and synchronicity which makes me smile and keeps me going.

             Combine that with what I’ve been hearing all week, and we have quite the message.

             Place both of your hands over your heart, it all begins from within…….

Feel That

              I heard, all through the growing up years, that we can’t have a true relationship with someone else until we’ve figured out our relationship with ourselves.  It was a challenging lesson; I had then (and still struggle with now), not a wonderful self-image.

             But looking back on that bit of wisdom from this current space and time, I do see the reasoning behind it.  And that’s where the signs are all pointing.  Start inside, and work our way out.

             To have a true and beautiful union with another, we must be whole and loving to our own sacred self.

             Every relationship we have is balanced on those that came before.  If we start off with shaky foundations, any structures we put on top will not be sound, nor sturdy.

             The Universe is reminding us, feel and know and honour ourselves, then, take that care and share it with others.

archangel raguel

“Relationship Harmony

Archangel Raguel:

‘We angels are opening the hearts of everyone involved.  Arguments and conflicts are being resolved now.’

Additional Message:

‘Your prayers for personal peace have been answered, and you are to be commended for your role in ushering peace into this situation.  

Visualize everyone involved (including yourself) being cooperative and open-minded, even if particular persons aren’t usually this way.  Trust the inner guidance you receive, and know that changes are sometimes uncomfortable but often necessary.

Ask me to help with any aspects of relationships that need healing.  Know that all relationships ultimately have blessings, growth lessons, and love at their core, even if appearances seem otherwise.

Stay focused upon this truth as much as possible.’

Working with Archangel Raguel:

… his principal role is to create harmony and order, especially in relationships.  He has the power to resolve disputes, and is often referred to as The Archangel of Justice and Fairness.

If you find yourself in conflict, as Raguel to act as mediator.  He’ll come up with a creative resolution in which everyone wins.”

Today’s Deck:

Archangel Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Today’s Sharing: 

is to say that our Empress (and partners) just opened a new grooming salon.   There is not yet a website, but the shop does have a Facebook page.

             They are technically open for business, but still need a few things before the Grand Opening on May 14th.  So if you happen to be local, they’re taking appointments, just stop in (2101 Bailey Hill Road) or call. (541-344-1137)

              It’s exciting and wonderful and we are beyond proud.


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  1. Apparently, one of her business partners is related to 534 somehow, as well. Very cool. I have been promoting Murphy’s Paw to my friends.

    Your reading and your messages are very timely. Something that I have believed for a long time is that you have to know and love you before you can know and love someone else.

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